For capturing certain moments, we know it is not foreign with a selfie. It’s a required thing to take a picture every moment that we have for showing off through all media platforms. However, did you know the ins and outs photography?

Photography is the word from English “Photography” which means from Greece is from “Photos” means lights and “Grafo” painting or writing.

So, photography is a painting process by using lights as the media. For general understanding, photography means a process or a method for exaggerating picture or photo from a subject with a light reflection that touching the object on media which sensitive to the lights.

Photography According The Experts

photography understanding

Ansel Adam said that photography is more about a place to share ideas factual communication. Photography is a creative art. Photography is the expression media and strong communication that offering various perceptions, interpretations, and limitless executions.

This one understanding cannot be denied of, because the truth is photography is the part of the art.

Another thing is revealed by Elliot Erwitt that photography is an observation art for himself. That thing is related to how to find something fun in ordinary places.

So by this understanding, the precision to looking and finding an object becomes the key from the photography art itself.

Basically, for Michael Langford photography is the combination of imagination with visual design, creativity, and the simple organization ability.

So, it’s not about capture the picture but it is also about “Organizing” objects that exist in inside to reach the new aesthetic value.

The photography principle is focusing the light with refraction assistance so it’s able to medium burn of light catcher.

The medium that has burning with the exact luminosity light will give identic shadow with the light that comes into refraction lens.

From a lot of pictures that you can see, did you realize that every picture has its own different focus? The different focus that makes art photography contains a lot of types within.

Types of Photography

1. Portrait photography

photography understanding

Which become the main power from types of photography is portrait photography or portrait method is because it’s had own characteristic from each person. It is not about showing a person also it catches the expressions, faces, characteristics, and the situation of someone in addition to the picture is giving the expression itself.

To get that, the person’s face has become the main focus in addition to the emotional will be shown.

2. Landscape Photography

photography understanding

God created the universe which too amazing to be missing. So from that landscape photography is focusing the natural scenery like the beach or mountain.

So the result will be good from landscape photography, you need to consider the amazing moment to capture. As the example when the sun rising or the sunset when it’s a sunny day.

3. Human Interest Photography

photography understanding

Almost the same with portrait photography the main object of human interest photography is the human itself. Also, there is the difference between the portrait photography and human interest photography.

If portrait photography focus to catch the expression of human as the object, human interest is more about human interaction with the environment within daily life with the purpose to raise the sympathy feeling either empathy from the picture lovers.

4. Aerial photography

photography understanding

If you seeing an object as if look from above, that is called aerial photography. The result of the pictures makes you as if has eagle eyes that can see anything from the higher point.

Aerial photography has unique characteristic from the take-up technique, it’s by the high angle.

5. Stage photography

photography understanding

About this photography type, this is the suit photography method for you who love to go to the music concert and other shows like theater and dance.

This photography type becoming people on stage as the object. The unknown prediction moves plus the spotlights that changing during the show.

The speed and accuracy taking the moment it is the important thing to good at.

6. Wildlife photography

photography understanding

For some people, perpetuate nature life in the real habitat is really challenging.

Of course, it will give different sensation and much rushing the adrenaline moreover if the animal is a predator.

Generally, this photography is done by the professional photographer.

7. Macro photography

photography understanding

This photography is focusing on tiny things as the subject such as bugs and flowers.

Because the special thing from macro photography is making a small object to get closer and capturing the details of the object.

For doing this photography type, you need a camera with a zoom feature so you get details of the small object.

8. Photojournalism/journalism photography

photography understanding

This type of photography is almost the same with wildlife photography, usually is done by professional photography and become media contributor.

The main purpose of photojournalism is serving picture that has a story in it. Then the picture can use for media publication.

Objects have been taking by this photography is things or events that happen around you with the main principle that exaggerate picture with the real-life issue without engineering and siding.

9. Fashion Photography

photography understanding

The magnificence clothes design such as dress either the accessories it is becoming the main point from this type photography. The role from a model of fashion brand it’s cannot be denied of its existing so sometimes fashion photography bias of portrait photography.

Both also can be present at the same time but fashion photography will be focusing on the fashion design so people can attract to buy.

10. Street Photography

photography understanding

The reality that is going on the street is the main principle about street photography. At glance this photography almost the same as the previous types that human interest photography or photojournalism.

However, there is an effort approach to showing the reality that happens in public spontaneously.

11. Architectural Photography

photography understanding

As it is the headline, this photography type showing the beauty of architectures or buildings. Photographer for architectural photography must see carefully to watch every corner of the buildings to get a perfect combination.

Besides that, angle photo it is the important factor to make a static picture. The architectural photography is often using for commercial needs like hotel promotion, apartment, or real estate.

12. Sport photography

photography understanding

In sports, there are many dramatic moments that happen and of course, it is really fascinating to capture the moment within a photo. That’s why it is called sports photography and this method is trying hard to serve interesting moment in the middle of field or court.

To catch the object at its finest you better use tele lens.

13. Food photography

photography understanding

More than to show it is food on the plate so people can feel the taste of the food and feel hungry. Food photography insisting the photography to able to creating a nice composition and showing the detail and food texture finely.

14. Still life photography

photography understanding

This photography type is offering a big challenge and it is how to make inanimate objects as the object looks alive.

In other words, still, life photography is able to tell a story to the picture lovers by its composition, property, and of course nice lights.

Well, there are a lot of types of photography. Of the many, you may be familiar and often practice a number of them. You should try one of this photography!

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