This is the right article for guidelines painting art for you who wants to be an artist, especially in a mural. Now, IMURAL going to discuss mural understanding and what it the difference between the mural and other painting arts.

Often many people seeing painting walls that on the street or the sidewalk. Even some of them often see on house wall or old building that no longer use.

Drawing or painting that you see in a few places that already mentioned above is a mural. It just some people calling a painting or a drawing. Then what actually is the understanding of mural?

Mural Understanding

mural history

What is Mural? What the actual means of a mural? A Mural is still a quite foreign word for some people.

Although the truth is most people actually seeing directly what is a mural even often.

Mural understanding according to the language means from Latin “Murus” means wall. Extensively, mural understanding means drawing or painting on the wall or other huge media that permanent.

Well, from above mural understanding and what’s means mural it quite enough gives enlightenment about what is mural? So, painting or drawing that makes on permanent media like a floor, table, et cetera it is includes to mural media.

History of Mural Art

mural history

Mural art actually has been here since ever. Even if check out from mural history, the mural has been here since 31.500 years ago exactly on prehistory times.

At that time there is a painting that describes a cave in Lascaux which on South France. The mural that made on prehistory is using juice as the water paint.

At prehistory time, the country that has mural is France. One of the most famous murals is Pablo Picasso creations.

Pablo Picasso makes a mural that named Guernica or Guernica y Luno. This mural made when there is a civil war in Spain in 1937.

The purpose is to make a mural is for remembering the bomb incident by the German soldier in the small village when there is a lot between them are Spain people.

The Difference Mural Art and Graffiti

mural history

Surely some of us still confusing which the difference of mural and graffiti, if looking through the media mural and graffiti usually often made on the wall.

Especially on the street perhaps some of you that looking at wall painting with various characters or any font shapes.

Then, what is the difference between mural and graffiti?

Before we comparing mural and graffiti will be better if we know what is the meaning and the understanding than graffiti.

Graffiti also pronounce graffiti is a scribble that using composition of colors, lines, shapes, and volume to write a word, symbol, or certain phrase.

Tools that use at the moment is pylox. Before spray paint is available in general graffiti is made with a paintbrush using brush or chalk.

So, the difference mural and graffiti are if mural making more freedom and huge while graffiti is for a word or phrases and usually, for this century graffiti is often made with spray paint.

To know more the best paint for make a mural you can check here.

The Evolution of Mural Art

mural history

If a mural was a form of expression, critics of social issues through it is picture and phrase on the wall and sidewalk, now a mural becomes “high-demand business of paint art”.

As you can see now mural is becoming option one for beautifying the interior. Even more mural can be an attractive thing as the spot to take an amazing picture.

Not shock if now there are a lot of cafes, restaurants, hotels, apartments to houses using wall painting or mural as the point of view of the room itself.

A mural is becoming an attractiveness for the visitors who come to the restaurants or cafes. The making of a mural is adjusting with each of clients’ taste and it has own concept so it is becoming media branding indirectly.

Usually, a café and resto make a mural with the various menu they are serving, interesting isn’t it?

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