Here we are explaining painting tools and it is the function. For you who barely learning about painting, this article is a must to read for the guide you to be a professional painter.

Painting art is one of the branches of art that many people cultivate. You can see how many painters in Indonesia from the famous painters to the street painters.

For you that barely joined up in the painting world. Before makes a painting you must know the theory about painting art and of course know what tools that use in painting.

One of the secrets of professional painters, of course, is not always about “Talented” but they know the exact techniques of painting from the base theory and the most important for the painter is to know various usability and its function of painting tools.

Why? Besides, there is no wrong usability, of course, the tools itself it is really affected the finished result of the painting.

Here is the article if you want to know more about painting tools.

Painting Tools

A lot of painting tools that you need to prepare before you execute various paintings that you will make.  For you whose feeling foreign still, in the world of painting art, you need to know what you must prepare them.

Even the most important part you need to know the function of every each painting tools including your painting tools collection.

Because every tool has its function such as the brushes have a lot of kinds and function every each of them.

IMURAL will explain what tools that you need for painting:

1. Brush

One of the painting tools that you must be prepared it’s the brush. The brush is the tools that for put the color into the media we wanted to. Like canvas, wall, and others.

Therefore, not much painters or artists are choosing not to wear the brush but the fingers.

Of course, for painting without use brush is one of the techniques that use by the taste of the painters. Painting without use brush usually wears acrylic paint or water paint that comes out from the tube so the texture is thicker.

Various Brushes for Painting

painting tools

The brush that you use for painting will utterly be affected by the painting you working on. However, did you know the brush has a lot of kinds and its different function?

Brushes for painting can be divided into few of groups by its shape of the brush. Here some types of brush for painting:

Round Painting Brush

painting tools

In general, this round brush is used by watercolorist. It is because of the flexibility and aerodynamics of the round brush.

One of the painting tools that used for water paint it’s really everybody’s favorite.

So, it makes you easy within draw thick line either the thin one. This round brush it’s compatible for use when painting in the large canvas.

Peralatan melukis ini pun memiliki ukuran yang beraneka ragam. Saat menggambar objek ang kecil dan detail, Anda dapat memilih round brush yang memiliki diameter paling kecil.

Flat Painting Brush

painting tools

This brush type has ferrule flat shape, straight, and generally a little bit thin and square. However, sometimes they are has long square shape.

The line that generated by this flat brush its really has a good result if you makes straight contour.

Usually, this kind of painting tool is used for painting the edge especially the small size. Therefore, the result is not like the round brush generated.

Actually, these painting tools can be separated into a few kinds:

Bright Brush

painting tools

This brush painting almost the same with the flat brush in general, but bright brush is a bit curved to the inside at the edge. So, the size of this brush is shorter than the flat brush.

Angle Brush

painting tools

This type of flat brush is diagonal shaped and more similar with the round brush. Because it’s flexible enough, this brush shape often use for becoming one painting tool for the water paint. Although this type brush many used for the sharper result.

Filbert Brush

painting tools

This is the type of flat brush that has flat ferrule and oval shape.

Fan Brush

painting tools

This painting brush has a wide shape similar like a fan. Usually, fan brush used for makes leaf effect. Because by using this brush it will be easier to form a leaf with the realistic effect.

MOP Painting Brush

painting tools

Made from sheep fur or squirrel fur, this brush has a smooth fur. Usually used for painting in the big scale or you can use for coloring the base from the painting you wanted to make.

Rigger Painting Brush

painting tools

The painting tool that has a sharp edge which you can use for draw something that need high detailed. Because this rigger brush will generates thin line.

  1. Painting Tools — Paint

painting tools

Besides brush, the war tool for painter of course is the paint. Yes, without a paint you can’t paint unless if you want to be a sand painter. Paint for painting of course has a lot of kinds.

The utilization of this paint is not about adjusted with the taste of the painters but also depends on which media they wanted to paint on to use certain of paints.

Types of Paints for Painting

Here are some types of paints for painting that you need to know:

Water Paint

painting tools

As the name, water paint is the paint and water as the base composition or as the diluent. Water paint is used for painting on the paper with the brush as the support.

The usual technique that used for painting with water paint is transparent technique.

The advantage of water paint is way faster dry out so the work will be faster relatively.

However, because using medium paper, the result of painting will easy broken or teared if don’t have a high carefully on taking care the painting.

Oil Paint

painting tools

Oil painting is paint based on oil or using diluent of oil. Oil paint is painting tool that used by professional painters.

The advantages by using oil paint are the color result is more vivid and long-lasting. The gloss effect that generated has the unique itself. Oil paint can be the top for the painting with naturalist and realist style.

Acrylic Paint

painting tools

This type is also based on water. However, the texture is more concentrated if it’s comparing with the water paint. This paint is suitable for medium canvas, wood, or Styrofoam.

Acrylic paint is way fast to dry out. You can apply various painting techniques with this paint but it is not recommend for the transparent technique.

Poster Paint

painting tools

Poster paint is almost same with the water paint. Based on water but more concentrated than opaque. This paint can use in the medium paper and faster to dry out.

Textile Paint

painting tools

As the name, textile paint usually for painting in medium fabric or textile. This paint is really suit for makes painting shoes, t-shirt, and others. Also, this paint using the water as the diluent and fast to dry out.

Spray Paint

painting tools

Spray paint is usually called pylox is one of paint which apply with spray mode. This type of paint is often for painting the wall with make graffiti.

But not many artists within country either foreign country that use spray paint for make a fascinating painting on the canvas with unusual technique.

  1. Painting Tools — Palette

painting tools

This one painting tools is a place for combining paints or place for preparing the paints before it’s apply to the medium. The nice palette is has the smooth tend causing the oil cannot sink into the palette.

  1. Painting Tools — Easel

painting tools

Did you still feeling strange with this name? However, if you already red the explanation, you didn’t feels strange with the name of easel. Easel is a board for clipping the canvas that has legs and standing a bit sloping.

Various Medias That Used For Painting

Media is the important thing within painting tools. Because this is will be the place of your imagination later. Some medias for painting which isn’t foreign in the society are:


painting tools

Paper is a painting media that has a high of sink ability. Didn’t have pores and suitable for painting with the water paint. Some has the certain thick paper that you can choose by each of your needs.

However, need special attention when painting with the paper media and water paint. Because to get a bright color, usually water paint is dissolved not really thick.


painting tools

Difference with paper, canvas is painting pores media that covered up with the based paint of white color. This media often for painting with oil paint. Because the oil paint needs the thickness within coloring.

Therefore the painting tools that you need for generated a painting as if such a professional painter. Although, the complete of your tools still supporting with your high dedicated of practicing and passion!

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