Forest mural is for you who nature lovers and more like in the middle of the forest rather than in the house? If it is a yes, this forest mural is really suited for you.

Being in the middle of nature can give you a fresh and calm feeling for some people. For tired eyes and stressed out mind effect tight work schedule, nature can be the best destiny for a short getaway to refresh your mind.

However, going out to the open area which surrounded by beautiful nature scenery it is hard to do. Causing by the tight schedule and a lot of works task to do, so is hard to find vacation or getaway time.

If you really don’t have time for a holiday, don’t worry that thing isn’t a problem with this forest mural.

By applying some forest mural in your house, you can enjoy the natural atmosphere that radiant from the mural itself.

Even this mural is painting with realistic way, uses soft color so it looks real and you going to feels like your house are located in the middle of the beautiful forest.

Forest-atmosphere which full green to brown and calm definitely will create the comfy feeling within your home. So, you can do your activity comfortable.

Have a good sleep you can get from this situation of forest mural.

Therefore, even you lived in the middle of crowd city you still could enjoy the natural scenery to fresh your eyes and your mind.

Here are examples from forest mural that painted with the realistic method and looks beautiful and fascinating to see, saved from

Realistic Forest Mural

forest mural

The simple forest mural that displayed cold forest with a little touch of mist is good for your bedroom to imagine sleeping while looking at your mural and feels so relaxed to look at.

Green Shadow Trees

forest mural

The transition colors from the shadow trees to the color of the trees itself it is really fascinating to have in your living room. The one who loves to spend their free time at the living room by reading a book, watch television, or just playing with your gadget this trees with the touch of a shadow it’s the exact option for your living room.

Tall Trees

forest mural

These tall trees that reaching up into your room ceiling, it is perfect to make it more like living in the forest. Especially, if you need some cold time for wandering alone in your room, this scenery in your room totally two thumbs up.

Forest with Sun Lightning

forest mural

The difference with the mural we have mentioned before, this forest mural contain sun lightning which is if you take a look carefully in the morning and you have a window in your room as if the mural shining your room with the sunlight support through your window.

In The Middle of Forest

forest mural

Being in the middle of the forest feels like you really have a time being alone without anyone who will disturb you.

If you love or often feeling like in the middle of the forest and it is good for you, this forest mural can be the main option for your place.

Mist Forest

forest mural

This forest contains a lot of mist and makes your room so amazing by having the mist in your forest room, you can try to paint your home like this.

Forest and River

mural forest

As before there always forest and mist, this time forest and river, the river is known as the source of life wherever there is water, there are living creatures start from the plants, animals, to the human being.

This forest with a river in it suits for those who loved to see the river or just hearing the sound of the river and its relaxed your mind.

Forest Atmosphere in The Morning

forest mural

Take a breath in the forest in the morning it is really good to have. Also, you can have this forest mural in your home.

Trees Shadow in The Forest

forest mural

This mural has no green or brown because the main focus of its mural is the tree shadow and the mist and we can conclude the time of the forest between the afternoon to night, where the shadow can be seen and it is getting dark. If you love the dark forest, this is suit you then.

Forest Scenery from Higher View

forest mural

Another idea for your living room, to have forest scenery from a higher view it is really good, the view from high place feels like you are watching tv from the high top of the forest.

The Scenery of Forest and Mountain

forest mural

Now we add mountain in the forest because most of the forest is related with the mountain. This scenery really has an amazing view and beautiful as well.

Black-white Forest

forest mural

The black and white forest is the same as the mist forest, the difference is the mural only contains black, white, and gray colors and almost call it the monochrome forest.

Forest in The Fall Season

forest mural

As the fall season, the forest is the most beautiful scenery to see. The fall has a lot of colors and its beauty totally amazing.

Forest in The Winter Season

forest mural

Another season after fall is winter forest. If you love the white color and the forest as well, this theme is fit on you.

Forest with Fall Situation

forest mural

This Forest same well as the fall season but if you look carefully at this mural a little bit darker than the first one.

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