In a world full of color, black and white looks unique. You can get the elegance vibes from monochromatic theme. If you are looking for a simple expression of beauty, black and white should be your best choice! While white stands out for clean refreshing look, black adds elegeance and a bold aspect. This classic color will go with anything and anywhere. It will match with any spot or any furniture around your home, office, bedroom or even your bathroom. This black and white combo will definitely timeless, and chic. Take a look to some ideas for black & white mural

Black and White Mural inside a restaurant, give it chic and stylish looks.


Who says kids room should be full of bright color like blue, red, pink or too many colors ? Because look at the picure above, not only it gives more elegance looks, it’s also a timeless piece, which means you can keep those mural design for longterm instead of getting the new one once your kid grow up and don’t want to have those very colorful and childish design.

Somehow the design above is really cute but not too much, and yes it’s also timeless piece, good choice for your kids bedroom and playroom.


Colorful things ditract your focus ? Then choose black and white mural design for your office, added some motivational and inspirational quotes. It would be such a mood booster everytime you have to go to work.

Are you more into girly things ? This one is pretty! Keep the feminin side by the flower itself and have the elegance simple color with black and white tone for your mural design. This design also suitable for your bedroom as well. It would be pretty!.

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