One of the fastest growing trends is to use the exhibition to create a unique and immersive people experience. Art Exhibition as an example, there are a lot of art exhibition held lately especially in Indonesia, exhibition that provide themed art installation which is very instagramable where the visitors could take lots of pictures there.

 New in Jakarta! “Raven is Odd” an art exhibition presented by Rachel Vennya, known as an influencer and also a business woman. It’s located at level 2, Kuningan City Mall, South Jakarta.



The art exhibition aims to present the artist’s responses to mental health issue in this millennials era. Rachel said, “ There are a lot of Indonesians consider that mental health isn’t an important thing. As simple as there are some people who would make a joke of people who ask for attention, which not necessarily means as it is. That’s why, through this art exhibition, I hope people understand the importance of mental health,” (01/08/2019).

Rachel collaborated with Yendryma as the art and visual director for this project. All the research and the preparations since last April, finally made it open for public in the early August. Yendryma said, “ Honestly each of them are hard to create because it’s a thing I’ve never experienced before, all of them need to made based on research about the mental health issue itself, but it was the most challenging one, the one a labirin with lots of mirrors.”



There are 13 installation or spot where you could take a photo there but other than that, there are also some of other activities held by Raven is Odd, like talkshow and workshop that shares information about mental health.



Ticket price you need to pay, 100,000 rupiahs on weekdays and 130,000 on weekends per persons, where you can purchase it on the spot. Make sure to take a visit before it ends, it will run until this September 29th.

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