As times become more and more modern, the more mural services can be found in Indonesia. However, if you are searching for an experienced mural service, iMural is the first mural service in Indonesia.

iMural is the first mural painting service in Indonesia, which is based in Jakarta. The vision of iMural is to bring creative talents in Indonesia to global scale, and it can be said that iMural has succeeded in creating a work that can be enjoyed in global scale.

Some of the mural service projects that have been done in many big cities in Indonesia are Jakarta mural service, Bandung mural service, Bali mural service, Bekasi mural service, Cikarang mural service, Depok mural service, Karawang mural service, Lombok mural service, Malang mural service, Makassar mural service, Surabaya mural service, Semarang mural service, Jogja mural service, and Tangerang mural service.

With the experiences of having done many projects in several regions, iMural has succeeded in gaining the attention of a big company from Singapore, called Banyan Tree Holdings Limited, an international hotel brand that focuses on managing resort, hotel, and spa in Asia, America, Africa, and Middle East.

Banyan Tree focuses on managing villas with the concept of pool and tropical garden spa. Angsana Spa & Resort Bintan is one of the resorts managed by Banyan Tree which is located in Bintan Island Indonesia.

In decorating the rooms in Angsana Spa & Resort Bintan, Banyan Tree hired iMural to create wallpapers to decorate the interior of the resort.

The wallpapers that are created by iMural are the wallpapers that give off the feeling of tropical garden, which are suitable to the concept of the Angsana Spa & Resort Bintan itself. So, how are the wallpapers that have succeeded in gaining the attention of this company from Singapore?

Here are the wallpapers that show underwater view of floral that look really calming, created by iMural:

Mangrove Tree with Fishes Wallpaper

angsana spa & resort

Floral Wallpaper in Angsana Spa & Resort Bintan

mural service in indonesia

Room Decoration with Wallpaper

mural service in indonesia

Floral Wallpaper, Create a Calming and Natural Impression

mural service in indonesia

Spa Room Becomes More Comfortable with Wallpaper as Interior Decoration

mural service in indonesia

Mural Service in Indonesia

mural service in indonesia

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