Besides the Tangerang mural service project, we also had a project not far from Jakarta. That is, in Depok. In this Depok mural service project, there are two places that have been transformed using our brush and paint. iMural has succeeded in transforming these two places into an interesting place.

The first place in Depok mural service project is Ramen 1, a restaurant with ramen as the main menu. Meanwhile, the second project is located in one of the houses in Depok, which we call Epi House project.

Depok Mural Service Project in Ramen 1

depok mural service

As has been mentioned before, one of the Depok mural service projects that we have done is Ramen 1. Ramen 1 is a restaurant located at Margo City, first floor, on Margonda Raya Street, Beji, Depok.

It is clear from the name of the restaurant itself, that this restaurant offers ramen menu with various tastes and spicy levels. Not only ramen, but this restaurant also offers many other Japanese food, such as Sushi.

This Japanese restaurant provides a new and modern view and atmosphere, different from before, in which this restaurant only used wood accent.

In this Depok mural service project, we have created a mural as an interior decoration, making this place look unique and modern.

This mural shows a scenery that includes various ramen menus and several people wearing Japanese traditional clothes who are eating ramen, making this place look more fun.

Depok Mural Service in Epi House Project

depok mural service

For some people, a beautiful thing does not always need to have several colors. Even with just black and white, it can already look beautiful and elegant enough, such as this Depok mural service project in Epi House.

With the brown background, we can see a black and white mural of city view that includes tall buildings. With the illustration of road, complete with the vehicles and street lamps, this mural looks really perfect.

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