In the world of photography, the camera is one of the weapons for generating a nice picture. Various cameras types and have the uniqueness of each.

For you that wanted to discover more photography field, for becoming one professional photographer, of course, you need to know base photography science and learn various equipment that uses including the camera itself.

Camera Types

For you prospective professional photographers, here are some types of cameras you need to know:

Digital Compact Camera

camera types

This camera is the most simple digital camera. The size is not too big and suits on the pocket. That is why this type camera usually called “Pocket Camera”.

Digital compact choosing by who needs the camera only just for fun and simple. The feature is really standard and does not have dialer shoot mode. However, this camera has high mobility.

The pocket camera is suited for indoor events, the outdoor party that didn’t need zoom mode, and standard documentation.

If you are who has high mobility and wants to simplify, the digital compact can be the right option.

Bridge Camera (Prosumer)

camera types

If take a look from the shape, bridge camera or prosumer is little too big than camera pocket. Prosumer itself it is an acronym for professional and consumer.

This kind camera of point and shoot it is more complete if comparing with the digital compact.

This feature difference with the pocket camera and others are the exposure setting and manual ISO.  The zoom ability is even greater than the pocket camera.

Some people use this type of camera for the beginning to start photography. Because prosumer is known practical and functional when its uses than the DSLR camera.

It can say this prosumer camera is a combination of the flexibility of pocket camera with the high-technology of DSLR camera features. Still, the ability is under the DSLR.

One of the factors is the sensor of this camera smaller than a DSLR camera.

Mirrorless Camera

camera types

As it is named, mirrorless camera isn’t used mirrors same as DSLR camera.

By there is no mirror, mirrorless camera size is tinier and of course lightweight than DSLR camera. But the ability can be equal with DSLR camera middle-end level.

One of the advantages that mirrorless has it is the lens that can be take off like DSLR. So, you can fit your needs when capturing a picture through different lenses.

Besides that, the sensor that mirrorless has, in general, is 4/3 category. It is quite enough to get like DSLR result.

Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Camera

camera types

Between the types of camera that exist these days, DSLR is the most popular.

Like its predecessor in the analog era, this Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera also has many useful features to be able to produce interesting photos.

This DSLR camera also has its own categories, ranging from entry-level, semipro, to pro.

The higher the level, the more sophisticated the features it has. Also, the price is more expensive.

When compared to other digital exhibitions, DSLR cameras have the most lens variants.

Starting from a wide angle like a fisheye lens to a zoom lens that can reach more than 500 mm.

Today, even, people don’t just use this camera to take photos. Rather, it can be used as a video camera with High Definition class image quality.

If you intend to become a vlogger, you can use this camera to make slick videos.

Boutique Camera

camera types

At first glance, this camera is not larger than a pocket camera. However, this camera looks more stylish and powerful than a compact camera. So, it’s not wrong if this camera has a ” boutique ” appendage in its name.

Although the shape is quite compact, this boutique camera has a full-frame sensor with quality that no doubt. In fact, it can exceed the capabilities of DSLR cameras, you know.

According to Kai W, a photographer from Hong Kong, the quality of boutique cameras is better than full-frame DSLRs such as D3S, and APSC boutiques like the X100 beat EOS7D in terms of image quality with a compact form.

The disadvantage of this boutique camera is in terms of price. Yes, in such a quality you can certainly guess that the price will soar expensive.

A boutique camera like the former Leica M9 can be sold for no less than 35 million rupiahs. Meanwhile, the price of Leica M Monochrome can only reach 71 million rupiahs. Are you interested in having one?

Digital Rangefinder Camera

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The digital rangefinder camera is a surveillance camera equip with remote surveillance equipment. This tool serves to measure the distance of the subject to targets by adjusting the focus of the camera’s objective lens based on the open-loop controller.

The distance and lens adjustment mechanism in this camera can be done together or not. Most cameras achieve focus through image analysis captured by the objective lens and distance estimation.

Digital Single Lens Translucent Camera ( DSLT Camera )

camera types

DSLT cameras have a fairly basic difference when compared with DSLR cameras. That is, in the case of the mirror used. In DSLT cameras, used are fixed translucent mirrors or transmissive mirrors or semi-transparent mirrors.

A small portion of the light is reflected in the autofocus sensor, while the other parts of the light beam pass through the translucent mirror. Single Lens Digital Camera Translucent is capable of recording 7 to 10 picture frames per second.

Medium Format Camera

camera types

The advantage of medium format camera is the sharpness in capturing the detail of the targeted object. In the digital era, the advantages that DSLRs have not continued.

Medium format cameras are usually used for commercial purposes of a product. Because this camera is able to produce very detailed images.

With the advantages it has, not just anyone can have this type of camera. You must have guessed the reason. Yes, the price is still very expensive.

Equivalent with pro DSLR camera that the only body can be more than 50 million rupiahs.

Action Digital Camera

camera types

Various brands of cameras such as GoPro and others offer digital cameras that are tough, small, and easily mounted on helmets, arms, bicycles, and others.

Most of these types of cameras have a wide angle, fixed focus, and can take still images and video with sound.

This digital camera action is now increasingly in demand by the public along with their need to share photos and videos on various social media.

The producers offer this type of camera at competitive prices and are available in various options.

Generally, this type of camera is equipped with a waterproof protector, various accessories, and appropriate installation.

360-degree Digital Camera

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A 360-degree digital camera can take 360-degree images or videos using two back-to-back lenses and take pictures at the same time.

The 360-degree digital camera comes with virtual reality mode, built-in stitching, Wifi, and Bluetooth.

In this type of camera can also be used for the benefit of live streaming. Some cameras of this type can also act as action cameras.

That’s what some types of cameras and explanations are.

Learning about these types of cameras can provide you with several benefits, including making you more aware and understand different types of cameras and features and their functions in the world of photography.

Have you found the right camera for you?

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