Previously discussing photography understanding according to the experts and types of photography, this time IMURAL will discuss one technique in photography that popular enough is levitation photography.

Levitation photography is not a new thing in the photography world. This technique is applied by Jacques Henri Lartigue in 1905 within his creation that called “Cousin ‘Bichonade’ in Flight” Afterward this levitation photography is back popular in the society after Japan photographer, Natsumi Hayashi uploading her photos creation into her personal website.

Levitation Understanding

As it’s discussed before, levitation is one technique that exists in photography. Levitation technique will make the object as if floating or flying. In the making of levitation photography can do with manual or editing process.

Object that shown in levitation it can be human, animal, and things that make as if floating. Floating picture can be generated from this technique and it looks so fascinating to see because of the unusual picture.

Levitation Technique

levitation photography

For you that want to try to make a picture with the levitation technique, here are levitation tutorials that you can follow. You can use any device that you have such as a phone camera, SLR/DSLR camera, and editing software like Photoshop.

Levitation Technique with SLR/DSLR Camera

The thing you need the most for mastering levitation photography technique is about the shutter speed because this technique it is really related with speed.

The first one, you can choose the bright time for the photoshoot. You can take a time between in the morning till noon. This thing needed because levitation photography technique will use fast shutter speed, then it needs quite lights in addition to generate the picture doesn’t dark.

Whether you can change the exposure—or photoshoot mode—in your camera and use shutter priority mode usually in the camera written in S symbol and can be set by spin the mode-dial button in the camera.

Although, for the beginning, you are recommended to use shutter mode priority and next step is change the shutter speed with the minimal speed 1/800s this thing is important to decrease motion blur in the picture result. Next, you can change the drive-mode setting and use “Continuous Shooting.”

While capturing you just try to reach the model shadow that doing the levitation, this thing in addition to your picture looks so real.

Levitation Technique with Phone Camera

levitation photography

As we told before, shutter speed is the main thing for levitation photography. However, this feature cannot find in the camera phone. Then what should you do to makes levitation photography with a phone camera?

You can use the camera phone for levitation photography technique with ISO feature. One feature which you can find within camera phone is the ISO.

According to photography theory, if ISO is low then the shutter speed in a camera will fast and vice versa. Therefore, one way to increase the shutter speed is by lowering the ISO to 100.

Even though side effect from lowering the ISO is the picture result will look less of lights. Then, as possible you must make the levitation with phone camera in the open room that touch by sunlight.

Afterward, choose the mode focus in macro focus.

When taking levitation photography, the way you press the shutter button on the camera can do by pressing over and over on the screen and following the model gesture.

When model already does the levitation pose, then it’s time you can take a picture by letting go of the shutter button that you press before.

Levitation Technique with Photoshop

For make levitation pictures with the extreme pose, usually editing with Photoshop may the answer.

For make levitation picture by using Photoshop you need two masks with the same background. One mask with the model and the same background, of course, the other one mask without the model but same background. Tips, you can use the tripod to make sure your background is same and not blurry.

For the steps of editing with Photoshop you can follow these steps:

You must accumulate both pictures become two layers by drag and drop the picture of the background only to above the layer that contains the model.

Decrease the opacity of the picture that contains the background only to 80%.

Add the mask layer on the background and you can start to erase the picture in the model part as if she or he floating.

The more careful in doing the erase process, the more perfect your levitation picture.

Tips and Trick Levitation Photography

levitation photography

Although looks simple yet making a picture with levitation photography is not easy. Here some tips and tricks which you can use if you want to apply the levitation photography technique:

Tips for The Model

In levitation photography with the manual method, you need a model that knows how to do a levitation pose as if they’re flying or floating no burden. For making that impression, as possible the model must do these tips:

  1. The model who facing sideways it recommends to bend both legs to the back around 45 degrees and a little bit leaning forward so that the more floating image result by the photo can look more real.
  2. If its levitation facing to the camera its recommend to posing with straight legs.
  3. Jump in the place and unnecessary running. Because if a model jumping while running, the photographer is hard to get a perfect frame.
  4. It will be good if the model doesn’t look at the camera, like candid.
  5. This picture will be more interesting if the model is riding a broom, wearing an umbrella, or reading a book.
  6. Do the unique spot such as do the levitation in the market with shopping concept, cooking in the kitchen, et cetera.
  7. Model in the levitation picture as possible must lift up the picture as if the picture tells a story. It’s recommended for taking levitation photography with daily life themes.
  8. The fashion which wears by the model can be adding with a pin, a paper clip, or any cloth clips. So the clothes used by the model are not exposed or appear to be bulging when doing the levitation.
  9. The model can use hairspray/gel in order that when jump it’s not going to be a mess. Another option can choose for the model is ponytail the hair, use a bandana, or wear a hat.
  10. Don’t get too tired when jumping and make sure the location is a safe location for jumping.

Tips for The Photographer

levitation photography

Levitation picture using SLR/DSLR with the burst mode by one time press on the shutter button you can generate some pictures at once. So, you just choose which picture that suit well with the levitation pose.

You can remember the shutter lag camera that you have. Shutter lag is a gap time from you pressing the shutter button to the picture you are captured by its camera because every camera has different shutter lag.

If doing the levitation outdoor, you must make sure there is UV light directly way in order way it appears the shadow so the levitation effect more visible.

You can use a high shutter speed. Because enough lights is a role to get high shutter speed, the function its freeze the motion.

If you use a camera phone then as possible looking for levitation spot outdoor with direct sunlight in addition to getting high shutter speed.

Choose the angle with lower camera position from the model itself so it looks high and floating.

Also, you can choose a high angle shoot with highlights it must be a shadow and the model looks separated while doing levitation.

How to Capture People Jump

From all the ways of levitation tutorials above, the hardest thing is making a model looks floating. Because not only about a model know how to do levitation in properly way, also the photography itself.

The easy way to get a picture when the object is jumping you must focus your camera to the object. When focusing the camera, the model will do the jump.

After focus, give a counting from 1 to 3. On three, the model must jump and you must click the shutter.

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