Do you want to be a professional photographer? This article is compulsory you read until the end because this will explain photography techniques that of course, make your photos look amazing.

For becoming professional photographer totally not about a high capital of expensive equipment in other words various type cameras to the lenses that you had.

One of the important keys for the beginner who wants to learn photography it is the photography technique. A lot of photography techniques that you need to know to make the result it is more amazing and not monotonous.

This article is not compulsory for the beginner, for whom already learn photography for a long time, this may be required to read for measuring how far you mastering photography techniques and applications in the daily basis.

Becoming a proper professional photographer besides needs to diligent practice also need to have acknowledgment. Besides going into the discussion of photography techniques, first of all, you need to understand basic techniques.

What is the basic photography technique?

From the technology era that more develops and fast spreading you may not feeling weird for looking elementary school kid bring SLR or DSLR camera to various places.

Many perceptions about this thing especially some people assume they just following the trend for not call being old-skull when the fact they use the camera just like that without having the basic techniques.

We need to big line this thing, whether your camera SLR, DSLR, or digital camera if you cannot use it and does not know the photography techniques, the result of the picture will just like that. No unique result.

There are ways and basic photography techniques from how to handle the camera, press the camera buttons, to decide the focus point that cannot click randomly.

Here are photography techniques we discuss one by one:

Handle The Camera Technique

photography techniques

Basically, handling camera technique it will be useful for you as using within decreasing the shaky camera while capturing photo or video. Because if a camera does not stabilize while taking a picture, the result also will be shaky or blurry.

Here are some ways that you can do for able sturdy handling camera:

Right-Hand Position

You can use your right hand for holding the right side of the camera. Put your forefinger at shutter button and thumb in the back of the camera. Then, three other fingers hold the front side camera.

Left-Hand Position

For the left hand, this depends on what camera do you use. Although in general, left-hand use for support the weight of the camera or can support the lens if using a long lens.

Body Position

To make your body stabilize while capturing, you can lean back to the solid object or you can capture with knees down. If within stand position you are hard to finding the object to lean on, you can spread both legs for taking a picture.

Pressing Shutter Technique

photography techniques

Some people may assume that pressing the shutter is the easy thing to do for capturing a picture. However, the truth it is not as easy as its look. Especially, when you using the continuous shooting mode.

To be able controlling shutter button correctly, try to not use the edge of the finger to press it. You can use the flat part of your forefinger. Then, you can press it slowly to find the focus point before pressing the shutter to capture the picture.

For other tips that quite helping, you are recommended to take a breath first before clicking the shutter. This thing is important for the anticipation of the shaky thing.

Determine the Focus Technique

photography techniques

Sometimes, the camera that we use for taking pictures with unsteady focus or focus that we want. To solve this thing, you can follow these techniques in addition to the result of your picture can be suited as you wanted.

The first one, of course, you need to determine the main object that you want to focus first.

Second, make the object as your focus in the middle frame of the camera.

After the object makes as the focal point or in the middle of the frame, you can take the shutter button until the focus sign shows up in the viewfinder/LCD. In this way, you will get the object as your focus, as you want.

After then, do not take off the shutter button that hall press. Set up the frame again as the object that you want then full press the shutter.

What Are The Techniques of Professional Photography?

After you understand the basic photography technique that we mentioned above, now the time to continue to the higher level.

You must be wanted your pictures are like professional photography, actually, this thing is possible to get even to do.

Thus, you can explore more photography techniques with more knowledge in the field of photography. For looking like a proper photographer, you can learn some techniques that often use by the photographer for capturing.

Of the many kinds of photography techniques, this is what a professional usually use:

Photography Technique HDR (High Dynamic Range)

photography techniques

This photography technique HDR is a series of techniques commonly used in photography. Usually, this technique is used to produce a greater dynamic range of light than using standard photography techniques.

Non-HDR cameras can only take pictures with limited light coverage. The resulting photo becomes less detailed in dark or light areas.

Meanwhile, HDR technique is able to cover up the weakness by taking a lot of pictures on the different level of lightning and combining to make a picture with a large tone range.

The HDR picture also can get by editing picture through Adobe Photoshop.

High-speed Photography Technique

photography techniques

Basically, high-speed photography technique is a technique capture a picture with the fast shutter. The shutter speed that uses for photography technique is faster, 1/8000s.

With faster shutter speed, you can freeze the moment that is going on, like capturing the event of sports for the getaway from a blurry picture.

To get more pictures with this technique, you must use the camera with aperture large lens, bright lightning, and exact setting of ISO. Plus, the camera you had must have a good sensor and better spotlight.

Soft Focus Photography Technique

photography techniques

Soft focus photography technique you can earn from using the special camera that creates a soft line in the picture. So, the result will a little bit blur yet has sharp edge line.

Photo style generated by this technique is often likened to a dreamy or glamor style that is widely used for photography model fashion techniques or wedding photography.

Some modern cameras that can now produce soft focus photos. Or, you can use a more economical way. That is by putting a soft focus lens in front of the usual lens, then give effect with Photoshop application.

Infrared Photography Techniques

photography techniques

This infrared photography technique is an art of catching the unseen light. Thus, it can be called an infrared color spectrum. Currently, it is possible to photograph with this technique using a digital camera.

To produce photos with infrared techniques, you need an infrared filter as well as a tripod.

Tripod here can function as a stabilizer when shooting using slow shutter speed and small exposure.

Fisheye Photography Technique

photography techniques

For this one photography technique, utilizing the fisheye lens with a 180-degree circular view. You can produce photos with different perspectives, be it indoors or outdoors.

The super wide angle generated by this technique is able to give different colors to the photos you produce.

Initially, the fisheye lens was made to photograph the entire cloud for the sake of research in the field of meteorology. But then, this technique developed and functioned more broadly.

The Technique of Levitation Photography

photography techniques

Have you ever seen a photo that the object in it looks floating? That’s called levitation photos.

The technique of levitation photography will make the object in the photo as if flying. In the making, this levitation photography can be done manually or through the editing process.

To get levitation photos, you must set your camera with a high shutter speed.

In addition, you should also ensure the location of your photos is a location with adequate lighting because high shutter speed requires more light. It is recommended that you do it outdoors. However, if you want to do it indoors, you must set the ISO and aperture of your camera.

The Technique of Siluet Photography

photography techniques

If you use this one, you will get a photo with a total dark object and a bright background. Thus, what is seen is the shape of the main object. Using this photography technique is actually not as difficult as imagined, but there are things that you notice.

The first thing you should consider in using this silhouette photography technique is to turn off the flash.

Then, you look for the right lighting conditions. The best time commonly used for this technique is during sunrise and sunset. However, you can do it anytime as long as it can find the background with the right lighting.

Then, try to use objects that have interesting shapes.

Furthermore, it is no less important to note is the right exposure measure. As much as possible, you use the manual mode for the camera exposure settings you are using.

Lighting Photography Technique

photography techniques

This light painting photography is one of the creations you can make by utilizing slow shutter speed (long exposure). Thus, the camera can record the light traces you create and form a variety of models to suit your desires.

To create a photo with this light painting photography technique, you need a tripod and camera set in manual mode.

Then, select Aperture in f / 8-f / 11 so that the whole photo of the light you produce will look sharp. And, choose a slow shutter speed, 10-30 seconds and set the ISO at 100 or 200.

And, you’re ready to paint the light in your photos.

How? Have you prepared to produce photographs like a professional photographer? Being a professional cannot be obtained instantly. However, by continuing to practice professional photography techniques you can reach the point you want.

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