The magnificent Golden Bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam it is really attracting to the society of Vietnam to all around the world. Especially the bridge it stands 1,400 above the sea surface of Ba Na Hills.

As known as Golden Bridge Vietnam this bridge successfully giving the authentic impression to the visitors. The green scenery around the bridge you will get an amazing view from this point.

The reason why the golden bridge is really elegant and glamour because the gold-colored walkway is lined with purple Lobelia Chrysanthemums and extends for almost 150 meters, curving around in an elegant design.

In this bridge also has unique decoration and unusual like others bridge in the world. The golden bridge has giant hands as if it’s lifting the bridge.

This is why golden bridge almost the same as the bridge on the film The Lord of The Rings because of the hands shaped in the golden bridge totally awesome and unique.

Both hands as if lifting the bridge is intentional made like old stone or obsolete to give an old impression of an old place.

A lot of visitors from foreign countries including The Vietnam people itself just for taking pictures. Watch the beauty of Ba Na Hills to see the sculpture of big hands.

The golden bridge just opens in July 2018 and immediately becoming the most unique bridge in the world. Even more for the traveler who loves unique places in the world or exploring new places for Instagram feeds.

Ba Na Hills itself is a popular place for France when Vietnam colonized by French by earned 2.7millions visitors last year.

The Most Beautiful Scenery in Vietnam

golden bridge

Utterly, Golden Bridge is the most beautiful thing in Vietnam, the green color through the trees and sunlight as if passing the leaf it’s really pretty to see.

Anti-mainstream Selfie Spot

golden bridge

For you who have a socialite soul and love to follow the trends, may this place can be your spot for taking pictures.

The Bridge Spent 2$Billion for Unique Bridge

golden bridge

The bridge has 150 meters long with colored-gold is spent 2$ billion starts from the expensive Lobelia flowers to the sculpture of big hands made from stone and intentionally old theme.

Refresh Your Mind

golden bridge

With sea aroma, forest atmosphere, and huge sky scenery to look at, it is really suited to fresh your mind or as the getaway place for breath clean air.

Suitable Place for Family

golden bridge

A place to take a rest to refresh your mind or make your family happy within a short-term, Golden Bridge is the exact option as the suitable destination.

After knowing its unique and beauty are you interested to visit Golden Bridge Vietnam?

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