Zalipie is a small village located in Poland. This village looks really unique, colourful, and cheerful, because everything in this village is filled with flowers. This village is located in Southeast side of Polandia. You can reach this village with only 90 minutes journey from Krakow. If you feel bored and want to see new and fun things, then Zalipie is the perfect place for you.

A House in Zalipie

This village was actually a normal village. The view in this village however, changed when someone modified his house. Someone painted flower on the ceiling of his house, actually intending to cover the stains on the ceiling. Because it looked so beautiful, the vent and the window of the house were painted too with flowers. In the end, everything in the village was painted with flowers, starting from the house, granary, bridge, barn, and any other things here were transformed and became artistic with this flower paintings.

A House in Zalipie

Every spring, ever since 1948, this village has been holding Painted Cottage Competition or Malowana Chata. The purpose of this contest is to help curing the psychology condition of Polandia who suffers from World War II.

So, how does this village in Polandia look now? Here are the views in the village of Zalipie, which are full of colourful flower paintings.

1. Ceiling in House

Ceiling in a House in Zalipie

2. Well

Well in Zalipie

3. Outer Wall of a House

Outer Wall of a House in Zalipie

4. Bridge

Bridge in Zalipie

5. Well

Well in Zalipie

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