Bigger things do not mean better things. This is proven by Tatsuya Tanaka, a Japanese artist, with his small miniature dioramas. Even though it is in small size, he has made really amazing works. Tatsuya Tanaka makes these miniature dioramas for his ongoing project, Miniature Calendar.

He has been creating these miniature dioramas every day since 2011, and some of his works were shown for the first time in several years ago. Since the exhibition, Tatsuya Tanaka has been working even harder and has created many new works, which you can see below.

Some of the things that we use in our daily life can be the objects for these dioramas, such as bread slices, earphones, banana skins, tins, and many more. By using these objects, Tanaka is succeeded in making these things look alive by using the as props for the little figurines he uses.

For example, he can use a bottle cap as props to create a restaurant scene, or turn green plastic straws and use them as bamboo forest.

This artist is indeed talented and amazing. He knows exactly how to use the things that are common for other people and transform it all into an amazing and unexpected thing.

So, how do the dioramas with many scenes created by Tatsuya Tanaka look like? Let’s see some of his works below:

1. Instagram Logo

Tatsuya Tanaka Instagram Logo Diorama

2. Food Court

diorama food court

3. Harvesting

diorama panen

4. Funeral

diorama pemakaman

5. Jail

diorama sel

6. Beach

diorama pantai

7. Snow

diorama salju

8. Santa Clause

Tatsuya Tanaka Santa Clause Diorama

9. Plowing Field

Tatsuya Tanaka Plowing Field Diorama

10. Swimming Pool

Tatsuya Tanaka Swimming Pool Diorama


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