Let’s get to know one of many cool hangout places in Surabaya, Surabaya North Quay.

Surabaya North Quay, or also known as SNQ, is a new hangout place in Surabaya. This place looks unique since it is located near Tanjung Perak.

Even though SNQ is built recently, but this place is quite popular among citizens from both inside and outside of Surabaya.

Surabaya North Quay was opened in the middle of February 2016. If you haven’t gone to this please, then you have to try going here, because North Quay offers many interesting facilities.

North Quay is a tourist spot that has complete facilities and can also be enjoyed by public, not only the ship passengers. Here are the interesting spots that you can enjoy in SNQ:

1. The Balcony of Cruise Ship

surabaya north quay

this can be said as the most romantic place in the entire ship. The balcony with the view of cruise ship, complete with the light and stars will make your night feel warm.

2. Food Court

surabaya north quay

You do not need to worry feel worry if you get hungry in this place. Here, there is a food court area with many menus that you can choose. There are also several popular food brands.

3. East Java’s Culture Ornament

surabaya north quay

Not only as a hangout place, there is also an exhibition showing East Java’s culture ornament here. Besides as a cool hangout place, you will be able to increase your knowledge of East Java’s culture by seeing several ornaments displayed there.


4. Live Music

surabaya north quay

For those who want to relax while listening to music, you can go to see the live music performance. With the evening atmosphere, accompanied with soft wind, beautiful sunset, and the sound of music, your evening will feel even more special.

5. Beautiful Photo Spot

surabaya north quay

For you who like to take a photo, there are also some good and cool photo spots here. One of them can be seen above, a wall with mural that takes sea theme with a part of Tanjung Perak song lyrics appiled there, making this place feel unique.

This mural is the work of iMural, an art service company. With this mural, the atmosphere in SNQ looks more unique and modern. Since the mural design takes the theme of sea, this mural looks suitable with the place itself.

surabaya north quay

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