Hearing the word “museum”, maybe what you think is a historic place or old place. However, this museum is far different from that. It is Alive Museum, a 3d trick art museum in Jakarta.

These days, 3d trick art or 3d wall painting is gaining more popularity. There are many business owners that want to use 3d wall painting as branding media. There are also people who make use of 3d wall painting to gain profits, by making a 3d trick art museum.

Before we speak further about this 3d trick art museum, do you know what a 3d trick art is?  3d trick is a 3d wall painting, be it on floor or wall, or the combination of both. It will look really real if seen from certain angle.

3D Trick Art in Alive Museum 1

So, if you see a 3d painting on a wall or floor now, you know that it is called 3d trick art. At first, this 3d trick art museum can only be seen overseas. Fortunately now, Indonesian citizens do not have to go far away to overseas to see 3d trick arts, because now 3d trick art museums have appeared in some regions in Indonesia.

There are many 3d trick art museums that you can visit on weekends with your family, such as Batam 3d Trick Art Museum, De Mata Trick Eye Museum Jogja, Bali 3D Trick Art Museum, and still many more, which you can see here.

For you who live in Jakarta, from 2015 onward, a 3d trick art museum located in Ancol, called Alive Museum, has been officially opened.

What You Can Enjoy in Alive Museum

3D Trick Art in Alive Museum 2

If you are planning to spend your weekend at Alive Museum, but is still confused, here are some explanations about the things you can enjoy if you go to Alive Museum.

Surely, by now you have already known that in this museum, you can pose freely with the 3d trick arts or 3d wall paintings here.

There are several concepts of painting that you can see here, such as circus, fantasy, travel, dark road, horror, even extreme theme. By going to Alive Museum, you will get many unique and interesting experiences, along with the excitement that you get when you take photo with the arts.

Because this museum is a new attraction in Ancol, surely you can also enjoy other attractions without having to go far, because as we have already known already, Ancol is a place where you can play and enjoy many attractions.

If you visit Alive Museum, do not forget to take photo with Monas 3d trick art. You can take photo as if you are standing on top of Monas, which is the landmark of Jakarta.

The Location of Alive Museum

3D Trick Art in Alive Museum 3

For you who want to visit this museum and take photos with the unique 3d trick arts, you can reach this museum easily.

Alive Museum is located in Ancol, precisely at Ancol Beach City Mall, 3rd Floor, Ancol, North Jakarta 14430.

The Ticket Fee and Operational Time

3D Trick Art in Alive Museum 4

For the operational time of Alive Museum, this museum is open from Tuesdat to Sunday from 10.00 to 21.00. For Monday, it is only open on national holiday.

For the ticket fee, you only need to pay IDR 100.000 for each person.

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