Food is something that humans need in order to survive. Of course, every person like delicious food. However, with this food art, you will come to like food more, to the point you will hesitate to eat it.

We cannot deny the fact that people need food to continue living. Food will give the necessary nutrition needed by our body, making us healthy.

The delicious taste of food also succeeds in making people turn to food when they are in a bad mood or facing a problem. People will not hesitate to pay a lot of money to eat delicious food.

This, of course makes the business competition in culinary field grow tighter. The number of business in culinary field grow fast, making almost every owner of the business tries to make something new and unique, be it creating a unique food or decoration of the place, so that people will be interested to come.

There are even people who try to create an art from food ingredients, such as fruit and vegetable, by arranging these ingredients ti form a beautiful art work.

So, for you who like both art and food, here are some examples of really creative food arts, which will make you hesitate to eat it.

1. Food Art Coconut Tree from Fruits

food art

2. Food Art of a Dolphin Made With a Banana

food art

3. Snails and Caterpillar Made with Fruits

food art

4. A Cherry Blossom Inside Jelly

food art

5. A Human’s Face from Vegetables

food art

6. Making Animals on Bread Using Fruits and Jam

food art

7. Cute Kings of Rat

food art

8. A Bird Made from Pineapple

food art

9. A Hummingbird Which is Sucking Nectar

food art

10. A Cactus Plant Made from Macaroon

food art

11. Heart Carvings on an Apple

food art

12. A Butterfly Made with Fresh Fruits for Children

food art

13. Two Cute Penguin Characters Made from Banana

food art 13

14. Cute Dogs Made with Banana

food art 14

15. Food Art of a Poodle from Broccoli

food art 15

16. Donuts in Form of Cute Animals

food art 16

17. Food Art of a Bear Made from Rice

food art 17

18. Food Art of Flower Bouquet Made from Vegetables and Fruit

food art 18

19. Food Art of a Skeleton Made with Vegetables

food art 19

20. Food Art of a Bear Made from Watermelon

food art 20

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