Do you like anything that is related to music and consider music as a part of your life? If so, these examples of music mural will be perfect to decorate your room.

Music is a group of sound that is arranged in such a way, making a song with tone and harmony. Music also has a power to give a certain feeling to people who hear it.

However, because every person has their own taste and favorite music type, of course every music will give a different feeling and impression, depending on the person who hears it.

For some people, music is something really important that can be used as entertainment and relaxation media.

There are even people who use music to pour their feeling, be it by hearing a song with lyrics that suits the current feeling or by writing their own lyrics that resemble their feelings.

Not only music with lyrics, but instrumental music that consists only the sounds of musical instruments can also deliver a certain feeling for the person who hears it.

By hearing a music that suits yourself, a certain mood will be formed, making you feel comfortable. For example, if you hear a music with fast pace, you will also feel excited about the day. Meanwhile, if you hear a music with slow and soft pace, you may feel sad or peaceful.

Because of that, no wonder some people say that they cannot live without music.

If you are one of the people who really like music, here are several mural ideas with music theme that are ready to accompany you.

Crowded and Colorful Music Mural

music mural 1

Music Mural Musical Notes

music mural 2

Music Mural with Cute Characters for Children

music mural 3

Music Mural Keyboard and Musical Notes

music mural 4

Two Figures Playing Musical Instrument

music mural 5

Music Mural with Guitar and Keyboard

Music Mural 6

Rock Music Mural

music mural 7

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