In order to make the children feel comfortable in their room, usually the room has to be decorated with interesting and unique decorations. Because of that, if you are currently searching for an idea to decorate your child’s room, this dinosaur mural can be a good option.

Dinosaur is an animal that once lived in ancient times. This species has been extinct from hundred years ago, but the fossils of these animals can be seen in several regions all over the world.

However, even though dinosaurs are already extinct and are described as a scary and terrifying animals, many people actually like this species, especially little boys.

Not only children, but there are also many adults who like dinosaurs. There is even a movie that includes dinosaurs in it, such as the movie about dinosaurs titled Jurassic World.

There are also many toys that take form of dinosaurs with children as the target. Some adults even want to buy and collects these dinosaur figurines as a hobby.

Now, if you have a child who really like dinosaurs, these dinosaur mural ideas can be a really good choice to be applied in your home, especially in child’s room.

Some of the dinosaur mural ideas look really realistic, but here are also murals that look so cute, drawn in cartoon style. Surely, children will feel happy and excited with these mural ideas. Your home will also look cooler and fun.

1. Dinosaur Mural in Green Colour

dinosaur mural 1

2. Sunset Sky in Dinosaur Era

dinosaur mural 2

3. Dinosaur Mural with Night Sky

dinosaur mural 3

4. Dinosaur Mural Drawn in Cartoon Style for Children

dinosaur mural 4

5. Dinosaur Wall Painting for Boys

dinosaur mural 5

6. Dinosaur in Beach

dinosaur mural 6

7. Realistic Scenery of Dinosaur World

dinosaur mural 7

8. Orange Dinosaur

dinosaur mural 8

9. Dinosaur 3D Trick Art Painted on Ceiling

dinosaur mural 9

10. Dinosaur Mural as Children’s Room Decoration

dinosaur mural 10

11. Realistic Dinosaurs with Long Neck

dinosaur mural 11

12. Dinosaur Wall Painting for Children

dinosaur mural 12

13. Wall Painting of Two Dinosaurs Hiding Behind the Door

dinosaur mural 13

14. Realistic World of Dinosaur Era

dinosaur mural 14

15. Dinosaur Wall Painting to Decorate Children’s Room

dinosaur mural 15

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