Mural is an art that is painted in any surfaces. Mural now is often applied on many places such as café, restaurant, hotel, apartment, mall, house, even school and classroom. This time, iMural will tell you about school mural, be it in classroom or any other rooms in school area.

For school, especially kindergarten, it is really important to have unique interior design. One of the ways to decorate classroom in kindergarten is by applying school mural. The purpose of this is to make the classroom more cheerful and expressive.

Every people, especially children, will feel happy if they are studying in a room that has unique and interesting atmosphere. With the application of mural, classroom will definitely feel interesting and nice.

Not only kindergarten, even the schools in higher levels, such as senior and junior high school need cool decorations too, such as mural.

One of the purposes for the application of mural is to make students feel happy when they are studying in the class room. It will also decrease the students’ intention to skip school.

So, if you want to decorate your classroom with mural and make it look cool and cheerful, here are some ideas or references about mural design in school:

1. School Mural

School Mural 1

2. Mural for School

School Mural 2

3. Mural for Kindergraten

School Mural 3

4. Inspirational School Mural

School Mural 4

5. Mural for Classroom

School Mural 5

6. Mural for School Hallway

School Mural 6

7. Mural for School Lobby

School Mural 7

8. Science Mural

School Mural 8

9. Animal Mural for Kindergarten

School Mural 9

10. Mural for Classroom

School Mural 10

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