Having a kid is a blessing for married couple. Every parent will want their child to grow up and become independent. To train the kids so that they become independent, parents can train them starting from their childhood. There are many ways that parents can do to train them to become independent, such as training them to do things like eat, sleep, and take a bath alone. Sleeping alone, especially, may be a hard thing to do for a little kid. It is even common for children who are already in elementary school to refuse sleeping alone.

For you who want your children to become independent, sleeping alone for example, you should prepare the room as comfortable as possible.

Try to decorate the child’s room as interesting as possible according to the taste of the child. Mrs. Vanessa, for example, is one of parents who decorates her child’s room so the child will feel happy and want to sleep alone.

Mrs. Vanessa uses mural as the alternatives to decorate her child’s room. Using the service of professional mural service company, a comfortable room is created.

The concept of the child’s room is forest view with some cute animal cartoon characters. With this mural, besides feeling comfortable, the child will also be able to study about animals. The child will also feel happy, comfortable, and brave to sleep alone.

1. Mural in Child’s Room

Mural in Child's Room 1

This is one of the murals in Mrs. Vanessa’s house. In the process of making this mural, Mrs. Vanessa uses the service of iMural, a wall painting service company that is famous for their professional artists. You can make this mural as your reference to decorate your child’s room.

2. The Process of Making the Mural

Mural in Child's Room 2

The process of making the mural by iMural, in which the process is almost finished and the atmosphere in the room really looks fidderent and interesting.

3. Cute Mural in Child’s Room

Mural in Child's Room 3

Some cute animal characters. Besides being a wall decoration, it can also help the child to study and get to know animals.


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