In painting mural, of course there are the proper steps that you should know so that you can produce the best result. Not only skills, but the theory about how to paint mural is also important to be known by artists. Even more, to create a mural tat will not disappoint you, surely, the artists have to know what kind of materials and tools, such as paint brush and types of paint, that should be used.

The Steps of Painting Mural

The Steps of Painting Mural

Before painting on the selected surface, of course there are some steps that you need to know and do. here are the steps of painting mural:

How to Paint Mural

The most important thing that you should have before painting mural is: enthusiasm. Enthusiasm can give you energy when you are painting the mural. Especially for you who are painting on a wide surface and need a much longer time, surely you will need the energy and stamina to finish the mural.

If you have never painted a mural before, you do not need to worry. Worrying will only hinder your progress, and it will also affect the mural result.

How to Prepare the Surface That will be Painted On?

Painting Mural

Clean the dust on the wall and let it dry. Consider applying base paint first before you start, especially if there are various colours on the wall.

How to Create the Mural Design on the Wall

The easiest way to apply your design on the wall, is by using grid method. In this method, you have to draw a set of squares, with 1 to 5 centimeters size each square, on your design. You will have to draw the squares too on the wall, but with bigger size. Use these squares to guide you when you are painting your design on the wall.

The Types of Paint Used to Paint Mural

Best Paints for Painting Mural

If the surface is located outside of room and is exposed to sunlight, of course the paint that you have to use is the paint that can withstand the situation outside, like sunlight, rain, and other situations. When you are buying the paint, check the light fastness of the paint first.

Acrylic paint is one of the best paints with good quality that you can use, However, if you want to use acrylic paint for the whole mural, you will need a really big budget. Because of that, one of the alternatives that you can use, is by using acrylic paint only for the detailed parts, while for the bigger area, you can use another type of paint that is usually used to paint house.

If the mural can be reached by children with their sticky hands, protect the mural by applying a layer of varnish, that can be cleaned easily.


Steps of Painting Mural

Tips on Painting Mural

  1. Remember to look your mural from far away daily to make sure that the mural looks “correct”. You can also try entering the room again and again to to get some perspectives of what you have done.
  2. Use the proper paint brush. Using cheap brushes will only force you to work harder in creating mural.


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