If you have daughters, then this flower mural may be good to be used as room decoration, so that your daughter will be able to sleep alone comfortably. It is important for kids’ room to be decorated. Because of that, parents should know what kinds of decoration that will suit your child. When the mother has entered her final trimester of pregnancy period, usually the parents will be busy decorating the child’s room.

In other circumstances, a child that is used to sleep together with parents ever since he or she is little, usually will not want to sleep alone, especially girl. However, when that child grows up, he or she will have to sleep alone. One of the things that parents should do is to prepare a room and decorate it as interesting as possible, so that the child will want to sleep in his or her room alone.

Flower Mural 1

There are so many ways that you can use to decorate your child’s room, such as using unique furniture, paint the wall with the colour that suits the child’s character, or putting some dolls or other interesting things, such as wall stickers. For you who do not have much money time to decorate your child’s room, you do not have to buy new furniture or interesting things to be put in the child’s room. Mural painting will be enough as the decoration.

Flower Mural 2

There are so many motives that can be chosen to create the mural. One of the most liked motives for children, especially girls, is flower-themed mural. You can paint it yourself on the wall, but if you want, you can also hire a wall painting service. So you will not be confused about the design of the mural, here are some beautiful ideas for flower mural that you can apply on your child’s room.

However, before that, there are some things that you should pay attention to before you start decorating your child’s room. Because of that, it is better if we get to know these tips below, so that the result will be beautiful and not be disappointing.

Tips for Decorating Your Child’s Room

Before you see the examples of flower mural, you should read these tips below to make sure you will not make any mistakes in decorating your child’s room. Here are the tips:

Colours Selection

Colour selection is really important in decorating your child’s room. Choose a colour that will give a “cheerful” impression. Usually it is a bright colour, but this does not mean a colour that stands out. For example, for boys, the colours are usually red, blue, and yellow. Meanwhile, for girls, it will be sweet and soft colours, such as pink, light blue, light green, and purple.

Even though these colours are really recommended, it does not mean that you have to use these colours to decorate your child’s room. The main point here is to choose your child’s favourite colour, so that the child will like the room.

The Furniture

Choose simple and minimalist furniture. You can also choose furniture that are in cartoon character shape, especially the child’s favourite cartoon character. Besides that, you can also choose the furniture which are in the child’s favourite colour.

Cute Accessories

Besides the wall and furniture, another way that can make the room cuter, is adding some cute accessories, dolls, or wall stickers, and many more.

Flower Mural 3

Flower Mural 4

Flower Mural 5

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