Do you want your business to look cooler with the addition of mural or wall painting? iMural is a wall painting service company that will give you the solution with their good works that will not disappoint you.

In this growing era, business is getting tougher, especially in culinary and property field. As selfie becomes more popular, interesting and nice interior design is one of the factors that can attract people to come to your business place.

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There are many things that can be done so the business in culinary and property field can survive. As have been mentioned above, to attract people, you have to design the interior as interesting as possible.

Not only by creating unique building and interior design, wall painting or mural is now an alternative to make your business place more interesting.

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We now often see mural painting in many cafés, restaurants, malls, hotels, or even apartments. With the application of this mural, your place will look more interesting as a photo spot.

In the process of applying mural to decorate your interior, there are some steps that you must do before:

Search for a Professional Wall Painting Service

There are so many wall painting service companies in Indonesia, but to make sure that the result will not be disappointing, search and choose a professional wall painting service. is a wall painting service company that consists of professional artists that are already experienced in producing great and satisfying works for many big companies.

The portfolio of iMural can be seen in Instagram, and 3dtrickart.imural.

To know the price, you can click here.

Decide the Concept of the Mural

Actually, concept can be thought off before you search for the wall painting service company. If you have the concept, at least you can already picture the mural that you want to make.

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However, even if you have not thought about it, you can discuss the concept with iMural team. iMural team will give you the best concept that can be applied in your place. Not only that, iMural knows, what kind of design that will be perfect to be applied on the surfaces that will be painted.

Search for a Picture Reference

For you who are still confused about the design, you can search for some mural references or 3d wall art from many sources.

If you want to apply mural in a café or restaurant, you can search for references about café or restaurant decoration inside or outside of Indonesia.

For you who are working in a property business such as mall, usually some events can be the perfect moment to increase the number of visitors by decorating the mall with 3d trick arts or photo booth.

Meanwhile, for apartments, hotels, or inns, you can apply a mural with nature theme or use unique wallpaper.

The Services Offered by iMural

iMural is the first wall painting service in Indonesia, which is based in Jakarta. iMural not only offers you wall painting service or mural design, but also several other services such as:

1. Mural Service

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Mural is a type of painting that is painted in many types of media, such as wall, wood, and many other medias. As the era grows, mural is not only a painting seen on streets, but now mural is also a cool wall decoration for both interior and exterior decoration.

As a wall painting company, of course one of the services provided by iMural, that is often requested by people and also the main service of iMural, is mural service.

Starting from mural in café, restaurant, apartment, hotel, and office, iMural is experienced in making all sorts of mural. Moreover, now 3d mural is also often requested by clients.

2. 3D Trick Art Service

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Other than mural, 3d trick art is also a quite unique wall painting service and is quite often requested by clients. However, not all places or spots can be painted a 3d trick art.

3D wall painting (3d trick art) is a painting that is painted on floor or wall, or event both, in which this painting can give off a real impression if seen from certain angle.

This 3d trick art service is usually chosen by those who are holding certain events to be an interesting and unique photo booth.

Other than for certain events, people who use this service usually want to make a 3d museum.

Not only that, in some malls, offices, stations, or airports, usually a 3d trick art is applied there to be used as a photo booth for visitors.

3. Wallpaper

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Not only mural and 3d art, wallpaper is also often used for decoration. For you who do not want to apply mural, another wall decoration that can be used is wallpaper. You can make the wallpaper yourself, with the design and size that you want.

One of the wallpaper that has been done by iMural team is the wallpaper in Angsana Spa & Resort Bintan.

4. Graffiti

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Graffiti is another service that is offered by iMural. Besides, mural, graffiti can also be a good wall decoration. The example of graffiti as wall decoration can be seen in Loop Station.

Graffiti is a form of art created on a wall. It uses a composition of colour, lines, shapes, and volume to write words, symbol, or a particular sentence. The difference with mural is, if mural usually uses paint brush, but graffiti usually uses spray paint. However, graffiti can also be made using paint brush chalk.


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