Rachel Beltz is an artist from Pennsylvania. From the age of 20, she has already started her career in art field. Ever since she was still young, she has already interested in art. She also took art class in school, practiced throughout summer, and in her free time. Now that she has reached the age of 20, she has decided to try exploring her hobby more to the next level.

One of the fields that she tried was watercolor miniature. Her first work in watercolor miniature field was made in secret for a Christmas present for her family. Her family felt really happy, even fell in love with her work. Seeing how happy her family was receiving her work as present, she felt really happy and alive, making her come back to the art world.

This watercolor miniature was her first step in her work. To make her works looked more alive to be uploaded in her social media, she added some fun props for size comparison. The props, such as coffee bean and peanuts, showed that her works were really small.

This artist really liked the challenge to create small watercolor arts. Almost every day she will make watercolor miniature.

Wondering how small the watercolor miniatures created by Rachel Beltz? Here are some of her works.

1. Red Panda. One Of My Earlier Works- But Still One Of My Favourites

Watercolor Miniature of Red Panda

2. Owls

Watercolor Miniature of Owls

3. Margarita. In Celebration Of A Hard Working Woman’s Retirement

Watercolor Miniature of Margarita

4. Dragonfly. A Commissioned Piece – A Mother’s Day Gift For A Mother-in-law

Watercolor Miniature of Dragonfly

5. Robin. A Little Robin That Was Created For The First Day Of Spring

Watercolor Miniature of Robin

6. Hedgehog. A Loving Boyfriend’s Gift To His Girl

Watercolor Miniature of Hedgehog

7. Coffee Cup. This Little Coffee Cup Is Part Of A Mini Series For A Coffee And Dessert Bar In Zionsville, Indiana

Watercolor Miniature of Coffee

8. French Press. Part Of A Mini Series For A Coffee And Dessert Bar In Zionsville, Indiana

Watercolor Miniature of French Press

9. Fanta. The Letter F For The “mini-market” Series. “mini-market” Consists Of A Brand For Each Letter Of The Alphabet

Watercolor Miniature of Fanta

10. Pet Commission. A Pet Portrait For Client Husband’s Birthday

Watercolor Miniature of Pet

11. Zebra Finches

Watercolor Miniature of Zebra Finches

12. Miniatur Watercolor Chipmunk

Watercolor Miniature of Chipmunk

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