After Makassar, we will tell you about a project in another big city, Medan mural service project with unique 3D mural design that can surely become a good decoration for your interior.

In this Medan mural service project, we create a 3D mural for one of the bakeries in Medan, called Suan’s Bakery. In decorating the bakery, they apply several murals that we have created on several walls and chairs there.

A unique and interesting decoration will make your bakery cooler and different from other shops, which surely can make your visitors comfortable.

Nowadays, we can find bakery easily. Every bakery has its own way to attract customers, such as serving delicious food and a good bakery decoration.

Delicious taste is of course, the main point that can make people to come and buy our products again. However, it will not be enough to increase the number of your customers. A comfortable place is one of the factors that that can attract people.

medan mural service

The example is the bakery located in Medan, Suan’s Bakery. They decorate the place as interesting and unique as possible, so visitors will feel comfortable.

Before doing the decoration, of course the first thing you have to do is deciding the concept that will suit the place, and choosing a professional art service company.

If you have a similar business and are confused how to change the interior of your place, here is a bakery decoration idea for you. You can try applying the decoration in Suan’s Bakery. So, what how is the decoration in Suan’s Bakery that is created by iMural? Here are some views in Suan’s Bakery:

1. Medan Mural Service Project, a Mural of People Playing Chess

medan mural service

Enjoying a cup of coffee and cakes will not be complete if the decoration of the place itself is plain. Here, though, you can enjoy the delicious taste of the food, accompanied by a good interior and decoration. One of it is 3d mural of some people who are playing chess, with view of Paris as the background.

2.  Medan Wall Painting Service Mural of Chef who is Making Bread and Cake

medan mural service

When you enter this bakery, one of the murals that you can see is a mural of people who are baking cake. You can try this design and apply it in your own cake shop.

3. Medan Mural Service Project in Form of a Mural of a Scale and a Kid

medan mural service

There are many people who do not hesitate to limit cake consumption in order to lose some weights. In reply to this, this bakery in Medan applies a 3d mural of s scale with a kid. What makes this mural more interesting is the words in this mural.

4. Unique and Interesting 3D Comic Mural in Medan Mural Service Project

medan mural service

The next mural design is about a grandpa enjoying his coffee while sitting, accompanied by a dog. The dialog in typography style between the grandpa and dog makes this mural look like a comic.

With the skills of iMural, a mural, which has made the place more interesting, is made. With the shadow added in the mural, this mural also looks real. The colours used in the mural are also adjusted to the room.


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