The era and culture which continue to grow have made business owners, especially café and restaurant, try to decorate their business place with mural. However, there are still many people that do not know the price of mural painting service.

Of course, the price of mural creation and painting service is not the same for all companies. Each company has a different way and rules to decide the price of their service.

There is a company that decides the price of its service based on the mural per meter from the surface that is used to draw the mural on. However, there is also a company that focused on the design of the mural to decide the price.

Indonesia Mural or iMural, is a company that is focused on wall art painting which offers mural, 3D trick art, 3D wall painting, 3D painting on a wall, muralcafe, mural design, wallpaper, and other types of wall painting, using the skills of professional artists.

The Price of Mural 1

iMural does not immediately accept any job requests, meaning that if the concept or the surface that is about to be drawn on is not suitable and will not give a good result, iMural will first give a solution and will not immediately do it.

iMural prioritizes quality, and does not only think about the income. If the client insists to go with the concept that iMural thinks is not really good, iMural chooses not to take the job instead of taking it but has to make a not really good art.

There are already many people who agree that the works of iMural are good and have a good quality. This can be proven from some of the clients that have used the service of iMural before. Many big offices have used the mural service of iMural.

Portfolio of iMural about the mural design can be seen in Instagram account, and 3dtrickart.imural.

For the price of mural painting service, iMural does not decide the price according to the meters of the surface. iMural decides the price that you have to pay according to the design category and how big the surface that will be painted is.

Meaning, the more difficult the design is, the more expensive too the mural is going to be. On contrary, the easier the design is, the cheaper the mural will be too.

The Price of Mural 2

iMural has a special and professional design team. That means, the concept that you want will be discussed thoroughly by the design team, then the team will make a beautiful design according to the concept.

Note : iMural will try to adjust the design according to the budget that the client has.

Other than mural, as have been mentioned above, iMural is also one of the companies that has created many 3d art and 3d wall art.

There are many companies that have already used 3d art, be it 3d wall art or floor art, according to the client’s need.

For the price of mural, we do not decide the price of 3d floor art per meter, but it is adjusted according to the difficulty level, how big the surface is, and the use of other properties.

So, the price of mural and 3d art creation in iMural is not calculated per meter, but is calculated according to how big the surface is and the difficulty of the design.

How to Order Wall Art and 3D Wall Art Service

The Price of Mural 3

It is easy and not difficult to order the mural painting service of iMural. If you are interested to use the service of iMural team, these are the ways:

  1. The first way is to open iMural website and get our contacts.
  2. The second way is to fill in the form here.
  3. The third way, if you want to ask first, you can do live chat.

The Process of Ordering Mural Painting Service

There are a few processes of ordering mural painting service. The processes are:

  1. Contact us using the ways that have been explained above.
  2. Talk and discuss the concept, the surface, and anything that will be painted.
  3. iMural team will make an offer according to what the client wants to paint.
  4. iMural team will give you the offer according to what the client wants to paint.
  5. iMural Team will wait for the agreement from the client’s part.
  6. The confirmation of the client, whether to agree to the offer or not.
  7. If the client agrees, client is required to pay the down payment.
  8. If the down payment has been paid, then iMural design team will work on the design according to what the client wants.
  9. The design that has been made will be sent to the client. If the client does not feel right with the design, it can be discussed and revised again until the client agrees with the design. However, we will have to charge additional fee if it gets beyond the limits or if the design has to be made all over again from the start.
  10. If the client cancels the order after paying the down payment, the down payment cannot be returned to the client.
  11. If the client agrees with the design that has been made, the client has to pay off the rest of the payment. The painting team of iMural will immediately works on the mural, 3d trick art, or 3d art that will be painted.

If you are interested in decorating your wall at home, café, restaurant, hotel, office, or other places, do not hesitate to contact iMural team.

iMural team will respond to every person who is interested in using our service, or even to people who want to ask the price list first.

iMural team will give you a fast respond with good service. If you want to make your place better and cooler, then iMural is the solution.

iMural will make a wall painting that will surely give you a cool, fun, unique, even cozy impression, making the people who are in the place feel comfortable and nice, so they will want to stay longer there.

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