Angsana Spa & Resort

Angsana Spa & Resort in Bintan, the Perfect Place to Relax

Doing activities all day can indeed feel boring and tiring, especially if you do so many activities in one day.

One of the alternatives that you can choose to relax your body and mind is to visit a place that can get rid of your fatigue.

Angsana Spa & Resort in Bintan, the Perfect Place to Relax

Upper View of Angsana Spa & Resort

Angsana Spa & Resort Bintan is the perfect place for you to visit in order to get rid of your fatigue by seeing how beautiful the place is.

You can spoil your senses with this beautiful place. It is a public knowledge now, that Bintan Island is an island that has a really dazzling beach.

From all spas or resorts in Bintan, Angsana Spa & Resort is the best resort there.

Other than the superior service and spa product, this resort designs the place itself really well to make the visitors comfortable.

If you come here, not only your body that will be relaxed with massage and the smell of the aroma therapy, but your mind will also relax with the comfortable place and the amazing view of nature.

The Facilities in Angsana Spa & Resort

Before you visit this place, of course you have to know first what kind of facilities that will be served by the resort. The facilities in Angsana Spa & Resort are:

Strategic Place

The beautiful view in Angsana Spa & Resort

If you want to enjoy a quality time for you vacation, with your beloved people, Angsana Spa & Resort is the perfect place for you.

With sufficient and good facilities, you and your family can spend a time with fun activities. You can even enjoy your vacation while studying by exploring the island and seeing the wild animals with Bintan island as the native habitat.

Inn with Comfortable Room

The bedroom in Angsana Spa & Resort

For you who come from outside the city to enjoy your vacation here, of course a place to sleep will be an essential thing to have.

Angsana Spa & Resort, with its comfortable and well-designed room may be ready to be a nice place for you to spend the night.

Even more, if you go here with your whole family, you do not need to worry about a place to sleep, because here, there is a perfect place for you and your family.

Delicious Food, Accompanied by the Beauty of Nature

The restaurant in Angsana Spa & Resort

For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Angsana Resort serves such a good eating place. You can enjoy your food with the amazing beauty of nature here.

Relaxation and Spa

The spa in Angsana Spa & Resort

Doing all kinds of activity outside can surely tire and exhaust your body. For that, Angsana Resort & Spa provides a spa with an interior design that can really make visitors feel comfortable.

With a good service and natural products, such as Brown Sugar Milk Body Polandia and Bengkoang Coffee Body Conditioner, accompanied with a cup of herbal drink, yiour body will be fresh and relaxed again

Business Activity in a Nice Place

The theater and meeting room in Angsana Spa & Resort

Not only for vacation, you can also do business activities, such as meeting or other events. Angsana Spa & Resort provides theater, meeting room, and other facilities to support your business activities.

Relaxing while Playing in the Beach

The beach in Angsana Spa & Resort Bintan

For those who like snorkeling, do not worry, because Angsana Resort has prepared a special area to enjoy the beauty of underwater view. You can also enjoy the sea or play jet ski if you are not interested in snorkeling.


The gym in Angsana Spa & Resort

Not only providing the visitors with many good main facilities such as comfortable bedroom, dining room, and entertainment room, this place also give attention to the health of its visitors, by providing a gym with complete and sufficient tools.

Unique Wallpaper that Beautify the Interior of Angsana Spa & Resort Even More

The floral wallpaper in Angsana Spa & Resort

Creating a comfortable and unique place surely needs its own tips and tricks. It includes the tips to decorate the place with unique, cool, and interesting interior to give visitors a comfortable feeling.

Wallpaper Floral by iMural

In decorating the place, Angsana Spa & Resort chooses wallpaper as the alternative to make its interior even more beautiful.

Like in this spa, the developer of the place uses a floral wallpaper to decorate the wall in every room to give off the nature impression in the room.

Besides being able to spoil the eyes of the visitors, this wallpaper also suits Bintan Island itself, which is famous for the beauty of the beach.

The followings are some floral wallpapers, which are created by iMural team to decorate the walls of Angsana Spa & Resort.

The floral wallpaper in the living room of Angsana Spa & Resort

The floral wallpaper in the spa room of Angsana Spa & Resort

The floral wallpaper in the other spa room of Angsana Spa & Resort

The floral wallpaper created by iMural in Angsana Spa & Resort

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