Besides the mural project in Surabaya that shows the lyric of Tanjung Perak, there is another Surabaya mural service project that we have done. In this project, we creates a mural, graffiti, and 3D trick art with unique design.

This Surabaya mural service project is done in a modern and cool hangout place, Loop Station Surabaya. LOOP Station is indeed a hangout place for youth customers to gather, do their hobbies together, express their positive feelings, and try many up-to-date digital service. Besides that, Loop Station also functions as a customer service office.

The concept used in Loop Station is “Youth and Digital” with a fun, colorful, dynamic, attractive, and technology driven design, complete with the addition of graffiti and cool digital content.

Loop Station is indeed built especially for young people, making it really suitable for people who want to explore many new things and activities.

Colorful and Fun Surabaya Mural Service at Loop Station

surabaya mural service loop station

As a hangout place built for young people, of course the decoration in each room has to suit the style of young people. To create a cool, fun, and modern place, Loop Station Surabaya has applied several murals, graffiti, and 3D trick arts to be a photo spot.

If we look closely, Loop Station Surabaya is actually only a normal, big-sized house. However, because it is decorated in such a nice way, it becomes a cool hang out place for young people.

Some of the walls here, which was plain and boring before, now look different with the cool and funky graffiti.

Some of the Works of Surabaya Mural Service at Loop Station

surabaya mural service loop station

In Surabaya mural service project, iMural not only paints on one side of wall, but almost every wall in Loop Station Surabaya is painted a beautiful and cool mural, graffiti, and 3D trick art.

How is the appearance of iMural’s works in this Surabaya mural service project? Here are the mural, graffiti, and 3D photo booth created by iMural at Loop Station Surabaya.

Mural Village at Loop Station

surabaya mural service loop station

One of the murals that is created in Surabaya mural service project is mural village, in which the mural shows a view of a village that includes trees, a shack, and a farmer, complete with the cow. What’s interesting from this mural is the word “Village”, which is painted as if the words are going through the river in the village.

Lukisan Dinding Surfing

surabaya mural service loop station

Different from the previous wall painting, this one shows a view of sea, complete with a man who is surfing inside the mural. With the use of typical color used in graffiti, the orange and soft blue color look so harmonious.

Surabaya Mural Service Project of a Green Graffiti

surabaya mural service loop station

One of the colors that is often used in the creation of graffiti is a glowing green color. With the combination of glowing green color and dark green, this wall at Loop Station looks really fresh for people’s eyes.

The Beauty of Nature at Loop Station Surabaya

surabaya mural service loop station

When you come to Loop Station Surabaya you will be greeted by the wall painting that shows the beauty of nature, that includes a hill with long river. It looks even more beautiful with the evening sky with a bit of golden color.

Rafting 3D Trik Art

surabaya mural service loop station

Besides mural and graffiti, another wall painting that looks really interesting is this rafting 3D wall painting. For those who have not seen a 3D wall painting before, maybe this rafting 3D trick art will look really interesting and unique as a photo spot. Like the other wall painting concepts, this 3D wall painting also takes the concept of village view, seen that there is a mountain inside the mural. The unique feature of this 3D wall painting is that you can take a photo as if you are sitting on the inflatable boat and doing rafting, fighting the flow of the river.

Bridge 3D Photo Booth

surabaya mural service loop station

Besides the rafting 3D trick art, there is another photo spot that also looks interesting. That is, a bridge 3D trick art. With the 3D effect, you who take a photo here can pose as if you are walking on a wooden bridge without a fence.


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