Bandung is a place where you can find many delicious food. The high number of restaurants in Bandung makes every business owners have to try to create a unique place to attract people. Now, this Bandung mural service project will surely make your restaurant become full of people.

Bandung is always interesting to be visited, especially for nature and culinary lovers, because Bandung has a thousand of restaurant and cafe that have their own advantages.

The number of students in Bandung, considering that Bandung is the second largest City of Students after Jogja, also has a big role to the restaurants in Bandung, in which the students, be it in high school and university, are the one who come to the restaurants in Bandung the most.

With the current modern culture, people will surely get interested in a cool and popular restaurant. In other words, the more unique and cool the decorations inside the restaurant are, the more people will come to the restaurant too.

The example is these two restaurants in Bandung, which is a part of Bandung mural service project. These two restaurants have applied mural on their wall to make the room look interesting, and so that people who come there will feel comfortable.

Bandung Mural Service Project at BLT Bandung Electronic Center

bandung mural service

One of the Bandung mural service project examples that has been done by iMural is Bakso Lapangan Tembak at Bandung Electronic Center.

Bakso Lapangan Tembak is a restaurant that offers you meatballs and is quite popular among Indonesian people. Almost every branch of Bakso Lapangan Tembak has a a cool mural painted on the restaurant wall, with different design for each mural.

For example, like Bakso Lapangan Tembak for Bandung mural service project, there is a wall which has a mural painted on it. this mural shows the habit of people who really like to eat meatballs, starting from children to adults.

With the use of black and white background, the brand character of Bakso Lapangan Tembak, a man with mustache who is also the founder of Bakso Lapangan Tembak itself, becomes stand out.

The use of colors for several characters also helps in adding a good atmosphere into the room, and it also looks even more perfect with the suitable furniture that have colors that match the mural.

Bandung Mural Service Project at Melbourne Kitchen Bandung

bandung mural service

The next Bandung mural service project that has been done by iMural too is Melbourne Kitchen Bandung. In Melbourne Kitchen Bandung, there are two mural concepts that has been applied to make the restaurant look beautiful.

One of the point of interests from this restaurant decoration is mural with Melbourne concept. For you who have never been in Melbourne, this restaurant is actually quite interesting

By visiting Melbourne Kitchen Bandung, you can also feel the Melbourne atmosphere, be it from the Melbourne typical food offered there and the mural with Melbourne concept.

The mural created by iMural portrays the Melbourne view, adjusting to the concept and the name of the restaurant itself.

So, for you who are searching for Bandung mural service, iMural team is ready to transform your restaurant decoration, making your customers feel comfortable.

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