In this era, working does not have to be in an office. We have even heard a saying “Still working while wearing only underwear” in media.

In this developing era and the technologies that are getting more and more advanced each day, everything has become easier. For example, now it is really easy to get information and communicate with other people. Of course, there are still many more things that have become easier.

This includes you who have just started business. You can still work in an office even if you do not have an office yet.

Co-Working space is a business property that offers a working place that has been designed well to help you develop your business.

Co-Working Space Mural 1

If you already have an office but is bored with it, you can also hire a room in co-working space and work there.

Co-Working space provides some rooms with a fun, comfortable, and nice working atmosphere.

Not only working room, this place also provides a place for you to held an event, such as business event or meeting room.

This place is limited to working society. You can also go to here even if you still in school. This place can be used to discuss your school assignments.

What Should be Noticed for Co-Working Space Owners

If you are in a property business like co-working space, it is really important to pay attention to what the target of the business wants.

After knowing the target, the next step that you must do is to make the rooms to be able to attract the target of your business and prevent them from renting other places.

Interesting Decoration for a Co-Working Space

Co-Working Space Mural 2

It has been mentioned above, that an interesting and comfortable decoration is an important thing in a property business such as co-working space.

So, what are the things that have to be prepared and done by business owners to attract and make the customers to rent the place?

Interesting Furniture

Co-Working Space Mural 3

To make an interesting and comfortable interior, furniture is an important thing that has to be considered.

Besides being comfortable, beauty is also important. Choose furniture like chairs, tables, or other tools that are interesting and will suit the concept of the room itself. The shape and colour of the furniture, for example, have to be adjusted to the room.

Mural to Decorate the Room in Co-Working Space

Co-Working Space Mural 4

Beautiful interior decoration can give a comfortable and cozy interior, making the people who rent the place feel satisfied. It may also make them consider renting your place again.

One of the alternatives that you can choose to decorate your interior is mural. Mural is a type of wall painting that can create a beautiful and comfortable, even unique and interesting impression.

Strategic Place

Co-Working Space Mural 5

You should know that a strategic place is one of the factors that people consider before renting your place.

Other than to make it easy for the customers, you need to choose a strategic place to make your place become well-known and easy to be accessed.

Mural Idea for Co-Working Space

For you who want to decorate your place with mural, these are some mural ideas in a co-working space, to help you in choosing the perfect mural.

1. Mural in Kolega Coworking Space

Co-Working Space Mural 6

One of the mural ideas that you can choose to be applied in a co-working space is like the mural that can be seen above.

This mural is located inside one of many co-working spaces in Jakarta, Kolega Co-Working Space.

In making this mural, Kolega uses the mural creation service in Jakarta, iMural. With a fun and comfortable working room concept, a mural with the design that can be seen above is created.

2.Black and White Mural in Kolega Co-working Space

Co-Woring Space Mural 7

Besides a mural with a fun design, if you want a room with simple and elegant design, you can use a black and white mural.

The example is this mural in Kolega Co-Working Space, which is located in Senopati. You can create a quiet and comfortable place, complete with motivational quote from some famous figures, which can motivate your customers.

This line art mural with motivational quote from Indonesia’s first president is a work from a mural creation service, iMural.

3. Line Art Mural of Albert Einstein in Rework Co-Working

Co-Working Space 8

The portrait of important characters in Indonesia can be a good option to decorate a working room in co-working space.

The example is this line art mural of Albert Einstein in Rework co-working space. This mural is the work of iMural, a company that is famous for its wall painting service in Jakarta.

4. Mural in Wework Co-Working Space

Co-Working Space Mural 9

This typography mural looks really nice and interesting. Followed with a good colours selection, this mural really makes this room better and cooler.

You can make this mural in Wework co-working space as an alternative idea, to make a design that will suit some of the rooms in your own co-working space.


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