Decorating kids’ room is indeed not an easy thing. We have to design the room according to their taste, and every kid has different taste. For example, one kid can like a particular cartoon character and colour, different with other kids.

For parents who want to make a comfortable room for your kids, you can decorate the room with unique and cute theme.

Mural about Disney is one of the alternatives that you can try. From so many Disney Characters, you can pick a character that your kid like the most.

These are some murals about Disney to inspire you to make your kids’ room cute and interesting.

1. Decorating Your Kids’ Room with Mural of Nemo

Mural for Kids' Room 1

Dory is one of Disney’s characters that you can choose to decorate your room. This mural of Finding Nemo looks really cute to accompany your kids in their sleep.

The soft blue colour of sea on the wall will give a calm vibe, followed with pop art feel from the bright coloured seaweed and coral. With the turtle-shaped bed with its open hand, everything is ready to welcome your kid.

2. Kids’ Room with Ariel-Themed Mural

Mural for Kids' Room 2

Still with undersea theme, this decoration with Ariel or mermaid theme can be a good alternative besides Nemo. However, this decoration theme is more suited for you who have daughter. Ariel, who is swimming among corals inside the mural, is ready to welcome your daughter.

To make the room nicer and cooler, you can add some tables and chairs for your daughter to play. With the smooth carpet, pillow, and thin curtain hanging from the ceiling, this spot can be a good reading place or napping place.

3. A Cheerful Kids’ Room with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Friends

Mural for Kids' Room 3

Who does not know this particular Disney character? Mickey and Minnie Mouse are Disney characters that are well liked by kids, even adults.

You can also apply this Mickey Mouse mural in your kids’ room. With this Disney mural, kids will feel as if they are playing outdoor.

This bright and cheerful mural will help your kids become more imaginative with the adventures that will be enjoyed with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and friends.

With the addition of small tables and chairs, your kids can read a book or eat while enjoying the bright mural. The use of wooden floor also makes it easier for you to clean the room.

4. Car Mural in Kids’ Room

Mural for Kids' Room 4

The next one is kids’ room with mural of car characters, from a well-known cartoon. The bright yellow wall, with calm colour stretches along the racing area will stimulate the fans to cheer, balanced with dark colour along the ceiling.

Lightning McQueen wins, reaching the finish goal, accompanied by Mater beside him. With this mural, the kids can dream about winning his own race. This room looks even more perfect with the car-shaped pillow on the bed.

5. Winnie the Pooh Mural to Decorate Kids’ Room

Mural for Kids Room 5

To give off a bright and wide room impression, you can use Winnie the Pooh from Disney as the mural design in your kids’ room.

The bright colour is from the wall, which is designed with yellow bee nest pattern, along with the Winnie the Pooh himself.

Other than the yellow colour, you can add some green colours to give off the “nature” vibe. To make room look cuter and more interesting, you can add some unique furniture.

6. Mural Frozen for Female Kids’ Room

Mural for Kids' Room 6

Who does not like Frozen Movie? Almost all girls like this movie. Even adults also like to sing the soundtrack. Frozen can be a good idea to decorate your daughter’s room, since almost every girl like it.

This mural of the Snow Queen and Anna, standing near their ice castle in winter can be a choice to decorate your daughter’s room. This room looks more alive with the 3d castle surrounding the bed from wall to wall, and the secret shelf and bed in the castle.

7. Cinderella and Snow White Mural in Kids’ Room

Mural for Kids' Room 7

Do you have twin daughters who like different things? You can combine two Disney themes in one room. With that, the twins can sleep in the same room even though they like different characters.

This decoration can be an inspiration for you. You can combine Cinderella and Snow White mural in one room. With the beds designed according to the carriages in the two stories, the twins can set off to their castle in their own dreamland.

8. Decorate Your Kids’ Room with Minimum Budget

Mural for Kids' Room 8

Decorating your kids’ room is indeed can be done even if you have small budget. You can try to decorate your room like in the picture above.

By making a cliché mural of Disney movie with some accents, you can make your kids’ room look interesting instead of boring. Add some unique furniture or tools like pillow with picture or shape that will suit the Disney theme in the room. It will be enough to make the room look amazing!

9. Decoration in Kids’ Room for Three People

Mural for Kids' Room 9

Having kid more than one does not mean you have to prepare many rooms for them. This room decoration is perfect for you who have many kids.

You only have to make one room, but with bigger size. With this big room, three kids can sleep in the same room. To make the room nicer, you can decorate it using this mural of Nemo, a Disney character.

With a boat-shaped bed, this room really suits the mural even more. This bed is also complete with drawer and table at the end of the bed.

Kids’ room with this kind of decoration can be made as a nice place. With a more open space, kids will feel free to move and play around.

10. Pirate-Themed Kids’ Room

Mural for Kids' Room 10

Pirate-themed decoration like this is surely well-liked by boys. If you have sons, you can try decorating their room using this concept.

With the boat-shaped bed, with other furniture that are still using the same theme, such as treasure chest and some dolls, your sons will feel as if they are in a different world, making them more imaginative.


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