Nowadays, mural is often seen as a necessary decoration, be it for house, hotel, restaurant, or café. There are so many types of design that can be chosen to make mural, and typography is one of it.

Typography is an art of choosing and arranging letters in a room to give off certain vibes, for the sake of comfortable reading.

Typography is also known as type design, an art work or design with letter arranging as the main element. In typography, the definition of letter as the symbol of sound can be ignored.

Typography mural is an art in the form of beautifully arranged letters, painted on wall or any other surfaces.

For you who want to decorate your room with simple mural, you can use typography mural as wall decoration so that the room will look cooler.

If you want to have typography mural in your room, but is confused about the design, here are some typography mural ideas that we hope can be a reference and inspire you:

1. Typography Mural “Perhappiness”

Typography Mural Ideas "Perhappiness"

2. Typography Mural “In Coffee We Trust”

Typography Mural Ideas "In Coffee We Trust"

3. Typography Mural “Inspiration Is Everywhere”

Typography Mural Ideas "Inspiration Is Everywhere"

4. Attitude Effort Resulty

Typography Mural Ideas Attitude Effort Resulty

5. To Express

Typography Mural Ideas To Express

6. Typography Mural “Just Another Day at The Office”

Typography Mural Ideas "Just Another Day at The Office"

7. Expedition

Typography Mural Ideas Expedition

8. Fave

Typography Mural Ideas Fave



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