From many big cities in Indonesia, one of the cities that we have worked in is Cirebon. In this Cirebon mural service project, , iMural has succeeded in creating 3D mural and mural cafe that look really interesting.

In creating this Cirebon mural service project, there are three places that has been changed through the mural created by iMural team.

This Cirebon mural service project consists of mural cafe in Mokka Coffee Cabana Cirebon that uses mural with a calming soft blue color, 3D trick art with the concept of making batik cloth in Batik Trusmi, and mural in Bakso Lapangan Tembak Cirebon.

Cirebon Mural Service Project in Mokka Coffee Cabana Cirebon

cirebon mural service

Mokka Coffee Cabana is a coffee shop that has many branches. Almost every branch of Mokka Coffee uses our mural service in decoration the interior of the cafe to make it look interesting and comfortable.

One of the branches of Mokka Coffee is Mokka Coffee Cabana which is located in Cirebon. As a hangout place, of course interesting interior is one of many important things that can attract customers to come.

A cool decoration will create a suitable atmosphere for people who want to enjoy a cup of warm coffee, making it a beautiful moment for coffee lovers.

cirebon mural service

This Cirebon mural service project in Mokka Coffee Cabana offers you a wall painting with typography design. It uses soft blue color that will refresh your eyes.

With white bricks wall as the background, a typography mural with the icons of the menu in this cafe, such as a cup of coffee and burger, complete with the logo of Mokka, makes this mural look simple, but still comfortable to be seen.

Cirebon Mural Service (3D Mural as Unique 3D Photo Booth in Batik Trusmi)

cirebon mural service

BT Batik Trusmi is a part of Trusmi Group, a holding company that already has several business unit. One of their business is a batik store called Batik Trusmi. This store sells clothes, food, and batik accessories in Cirebon.

Batik Trusmi is already quite famous with the quality of their product, be it the batik cloth or the batik clothing with various pattern and model that is liked by people.

With the high quality of the product, this brand of batik product has any branches in several regions, such as Jakarta, Medan, Yogyakarta, Palembang, and Bali.

cirebon mural service

As the business grows, BT Batik Trusmi that is based in Cirebon, or to be more exact, on Trusmi Kulon Street Number 148, Cirebon 45154, continues to create innovation to make the customers feel comfortable and interested to come to the store.

To add a new atmosphere, Batik Trusmi has decorated the main store by applying a 3D trick art of Batik Trusmi to show something different and to create a comfortable atmosphere.

This 3D trick art Batik Trusmi is one of the Cirebon mural service projects that we have done, in which this 3D trick art can attract customers to come to the store and be a unique photo spot.

In this 3D trick art of Batik Trusmi, an illustration of the process of making batik is made, so that the people who come here can also get the information about how to create batik cloth.

cirebon mural service

What’s more unique about this 3D trick art of Batik Trusmi is that there is a bridge with clouds painted around it. This bridge is painted on the floor towards the entrance of the store. So, with this 3D trick art, people can take a photo as if they are crossing the bridge above the clouds.

With the application of Batik Trusmi 3D trick art, now the people who come to the store can take a photo in this interesting photo spot. This 3D trick art can also be a branding media, since there is also the logo of BT Batik Trusmi inside of the 3D trick art.

Cirebon Wall Painting Service Project in Bakso Lapangan Tembak

cirebon mural service

Bakso Lapangan Tembak Senayan Cirebon now not only offers delicious taste of meatballs. Now, Bakso Lapangan Tembak Senayan Cirebon also offers a good place, decorated with several meatball murals.

Besides the other places, Mokka Coffee Cabana and Batik Trusmi, another place that uses mural service of iMural is Bakso Lapangan Tembak Cirebon.

This Cirebon mural service project in BLT applies more than one mural. One of the mural shows that the meatballs of Lapangan Tembak are liked by many people, from adults to children, seen that the people inside the mural are enjoying the meatballs with happy face. Of course, this mural also includes the icon of BLT, which is a figure of a man with mustache, who is actually the founder of Bakso Lapangan Tembak Senayan.

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