Batam is the biggest city in Riau Islands. The city that is famous for the bag and electronic products is also famous for the first 3D museum in Indonesia, Batam 3D Trick Art Museum.

Batam 3D Trick Art Museum offers various 3D murals as a unique and interesting photo background. Through these 3D photo boothsm you can take a photo with many poses together with your friends and family.

However, do you know the responsible party for the creation of the 3D murals in Batam 3D Museum? Yes, iMural team is the responsible group who created every 3D painting in Batam 3D Museum.

Batam 3D Trick Art Museum is one of Batam mural service projects that we have done. This mural service project in Batam is the biggest project for us, in which we created more than one, or even every 3D photo booth background in this Batam 3D Museum.

Batam Mural Service Project in Batam 3D Museum

Batam 3D Trick Art Museum is one of many 3D museums in Indonesia. Different from the other 3D useums, Batam 3D Trick Art Museum provides you 3D murals with the concept of Indonesian culture.

With such an “Indonesian” concept, of course we will be excited to do this Batam mural service project. Through the works that we have created with various unique designs, the visitors will not only feel satisfied with the 3D trick arts, but also get the education about Indonesian culture.

So, how are the 3D mural created in this Batam mural service project? Here are several results of Batam wall painting service with the concept of Indonesian culture.

3D Wall Painting of Ampera Bridge in Batam Mural Service Project

batam mural service

Ampera Bridge is a bridge which has become the icon of Palembang City. This bridge becomes one of the concept of a 3D mural in Batam 3D Museum.

Inside the 3D mural of Ampera bridge, there is a hole on the wall that shows a scenery of a lake and forest. Above te lake, we can see a long bridge, which is Ampera bridge, painted from one side to the other side of the lake.

With the soft colors used in this painting, this 3D wall painting looks even more realistic. If you take a photo with this 3D boat wall painting, you will look as if you are riding a boat, coming from the lake through the hole on the wall.

Making Batik in a 3D Photo Booth

batam mural service

Batik is a part of important Indonesian culture and needs to be protected. Making batik is not that easy. To make batik cloth, we need the necessary skills and patience.

As a cultural heritage, batik becomes one of the concept of 3D mural in Batam 3D museum. By taking a photo here, you will look as if you are making a batik by using a canting (a tool to make batik).

3D Candi Prambanan Mural

batam mural service

Prambanan Temple is the biggest Hindu Temple in Indonesia.

According to the history, Prambanan Temple is built by Bandung Bondowoso as requested by Roro Jonggrang. This is also the condition given by Roro Jonggrang if Bandung Bondowoso wants to be accepted by her.

As a world heritage site, of course Prambanan Temple is one of many Indonesian cultures that has to be preserved. This Batam 3D Museum offers you a 3D wall painting of Prambanan Temple as a form of education for the visitors.

This 3D wall painting of Prambanan Temple shows a portrait of Prambanan Temple placed inside of a frame. What’s unique about this wall painting is, that there is a temple that looks like it will fall off from the painting.

The visitors who come here can take a photo as if they are catching the temple that is falling from the frame.

Pepes 3D Trick Art, an Indonesian Food

batam mural service

Not only historical building, but this Batam wall painting service project for 3D museum also includes Indonesian typical food.

One of Indonesian typical food that is used as one of the concepts for the 3D photo booth here is pepes. Pepes is a food that is wrapped with banana leaf.

With the mural of a chef who is handing over the pepes, you can pose as if you are receiving the pepes from the chef. The image of pepes coming out of the frame makes this mural look even more realistic.

Becomes a Mermaid Who is Swimming Under the Sea

batam mural service

As can be seen above, this 3D trick art is created in such a creative way, making it look really realistic. If we take a photo with this 3D trick art, you will look exactly like a mermaid swimming underwater.

The background also resembles a real scenery underwater, with the beautiful and colorful corals, rocks, and some small fishes swimming around you, making this 3D wall painting look really perfect.

With the soft blue color of sea, this 3D trick art looks really calming and refreshing.

If you have ever wondered about being a mermaid, then you do not need to wonder anymore. You can come to Batam 3D Trick Art Museum and take photo with this 3D trick art. This mermaid 3D trick art will transform you into a mermaid!


Watch Out! There is a Rhino!

batam mural service

Rhino is Indonesian typical animal. Through this 3D wall painting, you can introduce rhino to children, as well as having fun with them by taking a photo in this rhino 3D photo booth.

The 3D trick art above shows a scenery inside a forest. We can see that there are many trees with the background of blue sky. Besides one of the trees, there is a rhino that looks like it is about to hit whatever on its way.

With this 3D trick art, like the children in the picture, you can pose as if you are climbing a tree in the middle of a forest to avoid the rhino. What’s unique from this 3D trick art is, that an additional property is added, so we will really look like as if we are climbing a real tree.

Keris Wall Painting in Batam 3D Trick Art Museum

batam mural service

One of the paintings in Batam 3D Trick Art Museum created by iMural is this Keris wall painting as can be seen above. This painting, includes various keris, starting from the smallest one to the biggest one.

The biggest keris is painted as if it is coming out of the frame, so that visitors can take photo with it. The 3d effect of this painting can really be felt with this big keris.

This 3d trick art is one of the paintings displayed at this museum, because keris is one of traditional weapons in one of the regions in Indonesia.

However it is not only a mere weapon, but it also has cultural values. Because of that, this keris 3D trick art is included in the 3d trick art collections of Batam 3D Trick Art Museum because this museum takes the concept of Indonesian culture.

Surrounded by Dragon in This 3D Photo Booth

batam mural service

Dragon is a creature which usually exists in many fairy-tale or fantasy stories. It is usually described as a big, long, and really strong creature. Sometimes, it is even described as a divine creature. With such a strength, if we were to face a real dragon, we would be defeated in a few seconds. However, with this dragon 3D trick art, you can meet a dragon without any danger.

This 3D dragon wall painting is one of Batam mural service projects in Batam 3D Wall Painting Museum. This 3D painting is just one of many 3D paintings that we can see here.

As can be seen above, in the picture, there is a big and long dragon, swimming in the lake. The dragon itself looks really beautiful with the soft colors used in the picture.

The soft colors make the dragon look really perfect with the surroundings, the lake and the forest, which are colored with soft colors too.

With this dragon 3D trick art, you can take a photo, as if you are being wrapped with the dragon’s body. This 3D trick art also uses an additional property to make it even more realistic.


Have a Duel with Po of Kung Fu Panda

batam mural service

One of the 3D trick arts that you can see here is a 3D trick art Po, a panda character from famous animation movie, Kung Fu Panda. In the picture above, we can see Po standing with his fighting stance.

With this 3D trick art Po, we can stand across of Po with our own fighting stance. We will look as if we are about to have a duel with Po, with both of us in our own fighting stance.

Although we cannot literally have a duel with Po, at Batam 3D Trick Art Museum, we can look as if we are about to fight him. So, what are you waiting for? Go and have a fight with Po!

Batam Mural Service Project Upside-Down Room

batam mural service

This upside-down 3D trick art is a three panels 3D trick art, meaning that it is painted on three surfaces, two sides of wall and the floor. I

In this Batam mural service project, we can see a wayang character and a painting in a frame. This 3D trick art is dominated with orange color on the wall, but it actually suits the black and white tiles on the floor.

Since this is a three panels 3D trick art, this 3D trick art needs a big space. However, that also means that you can try various poses when you are taking a photo with this 3D trick art.

For example, you can pose as if you are doing a handstand, like the man in the picture. With such a unique pose, the photo result will be unique and cool as well.

Batam Mural Service Project of 3D Painting of Gadang House in batam 3D Trick Art Museum

batam mural service

Besides the 3D painting of upside-down room, the next Batam mural service project in Batam 3D Trick Art Museum is a wall painting of Gadang House, a traditional house of Padang City.

Beautiful painting indeed always gives off an amazing impression. This 3D wall painting not only able to amaze people, but it also looks really unique in the eyes of the people who see it.

From all 3D trick arts created by iMural in Batam 3D museum, one of it takes form of a painting inside a frame.

The painting shows a the image of Padang traditional house, which is usually called Gadang House. With the realistic stair painted out of the frame, this painting of Gadang House looks really unique and realistic.

It looks even more realistic with the addition of shadow, and it is what makes this painting unique.

Not only giving off a unique and interesting impression, this painting is also hoped to be able to tell people about Indonesian culture, especially traditional house.

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