These winter mural ideas can surely make your house look beautiful. You can apply these ideas to your house, making it unique, cool, and fun.

Having a dream home may be the wish of every person. However, a dream home does not mean it has to be expensive and luxurious. By doing this creative idea which includes creating a mural on your wall, you will be able to create a comfortable and beautiful impression.

Home is a place where you can spend time with family and the people that we love. Because of that, every person will try to make their home feel as comfortable as possible.

There are many ways that can be done, such as making sure that the home is clean and neat, making an interesting interior design, and even renovating it.

However, it does not mean that in order to create a beautiful and comfortable home, you need to always renovate it. As has been explained above, by creating and applying a mural in your home, you and your family, even the guest who is coming to your house will feel comfortable.

You can create the mural according to your own taste and style. If you cannot do it though, you can hire the service of a professional mural service company to help you create the mural.

A wall not only can be used as a room separator, but also a media that we can use to pour our creativity in, be it in form of mural, graffiti, or any other types of art. You can paint any pictures that you like.

Moreover, by applying a mural on your wall, you may be able to get the experience that is impossible or hard to get.

For example, by applying a mural with winter theme, you who live in a tropical country that only has dry and rain season can also experience winter season without having to go to a country that has all four seasons, such as Japan or Korea.

Of course, nature scenery like this can also create a calm and peaceful atmosphere when you are inside the room. Moreover, the white colour of the snow inside the winter mural can definitely refresh your eyes and mind.

Here are some examples of mural that have winter scenery and atmosphere painted inside it. Some of these winter murals look really realistic, but also cute and beautiful with the addition of several birds and trees.

Winter Mural with Cute Birds

Winter Mural 1

For you who like animals, especially birds, this winter mural will be perfect for you. We can see several birds that are flying around and perching on the branches.

With this mural, you will surely be able to feel as if you are living with the small and cute birds inside your house.

Two Birds Perching on a Tree Branch

Winter Mural 2

Family room is one of the main room in a house. This room is the place to spend time with your family. To make this time feel even more comfortable, you need to make it as comfortable as possible.

For example, you can use this mural that shows a pair of bird, which can give off a warm and harmonious impression, making it perfect to decorate your home.

Not only that, the strokes and colour combination in this mural really help in making the people who see it become calm, especially with the addition of the falling snow, it can really refresh your mind. Besides perfect to be applied in family room, you can also apply it in your bedroom or working room.

Forest Wall Mural

Winter Mural 3

For you who like nature atmosphere, then this mural is perfect for you. This forest mural can be applied in your living room, making it look beautiful and amazing. With this mural, the people who are visiting your house will feel comfortable with the natural atmosphere from the mural.

The colour gradation in the mural will also give off a refreshing impression, as if you are in a snow field. Besides giving off a beautiful impression, the mural will also make it look like there is a big forest outside of your house.

Snow Field Mural

Winter Mural 4

If you like a quite, calm, and big place, then this mural with the scenery of snow field will be perfect for you. This snow field mural is painted in a long and big wall, showing a calm and quite atmosphere of a snow field. With this mural, you will feel as if you are sleeping in the middle of a snow field.

Winter Forest Mural

Winter Mural 5

Have you ever been in the middle of a forest in winter season? With this mural, you can get that kind of experience.

The scenery of a forest in winter that covers one side of wall fully will give you a calm and peaceful impression as you spend time with your family.

This mural is painted realistically, so you will be able to feel the winter atmosphere in your room.

Snow Field with Trees

Winter Mural 6

This winter mural will be really suitable to accompany you in your sleep. We can see in the picture above, that there is a beautiful scenery of a snow field with two medium-sized trees. With a bit of light that we can see deep in the mural, this wall painting looks even more beautiful, showing a morning scenery of a snow field.

Tall Trees Covered in Snow

Winter Mural 7

This winter mural may look simple, but it can give off an amazing effect. The image of tall trees between bookshelves really gives off a natural impression. The white wall with a circle that shows a picture of a room inside the circle also gives off an effect as if there is really a room behind the wall.

The white colour inside the mural portrays a winter scenery outside. The mural looks really refreshing and beautiful with the colour combination of the wall, mural, and the interior inside the room.

Surely, this winter mural will be able to give off a comfortable feeling for you if you want to relax and read book in the room.

Sky On Wall Mural

Winter Mural 8

Besides forest and trees, there are still many other objects that can give off natural impression that you can use to create a mural for your wall, such as picture of sky and night atmosphere.

This winter mural will definitely make you feel as if you are in a wide field, watching the beautiful night sky, complete with the stars and moon. This scenery can surely refresh your mind.

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