Bored with plain room decorations? Then, underwater mural can be a good option to decorate your child’s room.

Have you ever wondered how would it feel to live underwater, with fishes and other sea animals. Of course, this kind of thing is impossible since humans need air to live. However, with this underwater mural, you can get the experience of living underwater.

Moreover, for you who have children in your home, underwater mural can be a good option to decorate your home, especially your child’s room.


The calm and beautiful underwater scenery will surely make your child feel comfortable when they are doing various activities inside the room, such as studying and playing. The blue colour of the sea will also create a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere inside the room.

Here are several underwater murals for children.

1. Realistic Underwater Mural

underwater mural 1

2. Undersea Mural with Corals

underwater mural 2

3. Undersea Mural with Cartoon Chaarcter

underwater mural 3

4. Starfish Mural

underwater mural 4

5. Whale Mural

underwater mural 5

6. Octopus and Jellyfish Mural

underwater mural 6

7. A Life Under the Sea

underwater mural 7

8. Seabed Mural

underwater mural 8

9. Sea Animals Mural

underwater mural 9

10. Cute Sea Animal Murals

underwater mural 10

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