If people were asked “Do you want a luxury house?” almost everyone will say yes but some will say no. Then what is the reason behind those people who say “No.” Partly would answer, “Luxury is not necessarily comfortable”. This reason can be true but it could be wrong.

Yes, because it depends on how comfortable you create a sense of “Comfort” is. Because if reviewed in depth, luxury occupancy usually tends to provide a sense of comfort.

But back at “Luxury is not necessarily comfortable.” May these words are exactly to whom have a luxury house but not smart enough to creates room layout and suitable interior.

This time we are going to discuss how to create your home as comfy as possible. Whether the luxury home or the minimalist one.

Create Comfortable at Home

The sense of comfortable within home or shelter definitely has a lot of factors not only from the side of house physically, it is the relation between human or in other words the harmony within a family that living in the house.

Now we are going to discuss the issue of family harmony, more than comfortable from the physical side of their own home.

A lot of luxury home that should be providing the comforting sense but it is hampered because the interior design that does not support.

Even the impression of luxury actually looks tacky if the equipment such as furniture to interior decoration is too excessive.

Choose Luxury Occupancy or The Comfy One?

Actually, a lot of definitions from the word of luxury can be more expensive, limited furniture, and everything is expensive. If we take the definition of luxury that everything is beautiful from expensive things, commonly or even more it definitely creates the comfort zone in the house itself.

Try to think about it, true or not?

Then how to create a comfortable and luxurious occupancy? The answer is that decorating your home to be comfortable as possible and follow your taste.

Well, one way that is now increasingly widely used for home decoration for the living room, family room, bedroom, children playroom is using wall painting.

Wall Painting for Comfortable Home Decor

When you heard the word of wall painting, there are two possibilities that you had in your mind. The first one the painting on the canvas wrapped neatly with the frame for hang on the wall.

There imagine the painting directly on the wall or we called as a mural.

Then which is true? Both are true.

But this time we will be focusing on home decoration with wall painting or mural.

If you can see lately these years a lot of place such as café, hotel, apartment, and the house has been applied mural for their decoration.

Besides it looks contemporary, the mural can be a wall decoration with design and concept that exact with what you wanted. Even there is 3D wall painting that able to create a picture that looks so real.

As an example, if your room doesn’t have a window in it, you can make a wall painting 3D on your wall with the design of window and nature scenery.

References of Wall Painting Themes for Home Decoration

By the opening words, now we come into the core of our discussion which is various references for wall painting theme for your home decoration.

In addition, your home becoming a comfort place, even though it is simple yet still look gorgeous with the touch of scratches paint that form a character that you wanted.

Wall Painting with Scenery Nature Theme

wall painting

For nature lovers, beautiful scenery and beautiful natural scenes become one of the interesting themes to be applied to the walls of the house.

Not only for nature lovers, this painting giving the freshness of every eye so that it has a good impact to refresh your mind and vision.

Mural with Cartoon Themes for Kids Room

wall painting

Switch from landscapes to paint you can try decorating your child’s room using a cartoon wall painting concept.

Like the picture above, you can see how fun little room after the application of a mural with a cartoon theme, especially Minion.

In addition to your little one will feel happy with the painting the child becomes comfortable and dare to sleep alone.

Watercolor Painting for Elegant Decorations

wall painting

Wish your room in the house looks simple and elegant at the same time? Watercolor painting mural can be the exact solution for you. As the name of watercolor definitely, this wall painting has different character start from scratches to the coloring itself.

The picture above is one of example painting on the wall for room decoration with the white flower design that looks so pretty and elegant.

Feels Like in Fairytale with Realistic Painting Wall Decoration

wall painting

Everyone has different taste, either within the decorating house to make the comforting sense.

Besides three pictures above, this painting can be the interesting option to fill the spaces wall in the living room or family room.

The painting that applied on the wall is the one realistic painting where you can see the scratches and combination of perfection colors that created a realistic impression on this painting.

With the concept of villages and houses which is usually you see, this makes you feel like in the fairytale.

Fresh Atmosphere with Wall Painting Floral Theme

wall painting

Besides nature scenery, one of option that you can choose to create the natural and fresh impression is by applying mural painting with the floral theme.

You can choose various types of leaves or even trees that you think it is pretty to make the painting design.

Even the “Floral” theme doesn’t mean the selection color it is only green because it is about leaves. You can play the different color to earn interesting combination.

As a mural floral of the picture above, the combination colors of green, blue, yellow, and orange it is creating gradient color that looks beautiful.

Diving with Wall Painting Under The Sea Scenery Theme

wall painting

Beach is the place becoming a lot of destination for vacation and relieving the stress. Diving and snorkeling are the most exciting things to do where you can enjoy the beautifulness under the sea with your eyes.

Who can expect under the sea scenery actually can be a theme for painting that applies at your house? Like a mural in the picture above.

That mural is one of wall painting that can be found at the apartment in Tangerang. If you like the charm of beauty under the sea you can follow this apartment wall decoration.

Mural Tropical, Feels Collided with Nature

wall painting

Mural with the theme tropical looks so fresh. Especially for whom that expecting home with tropical sensation, this painting is the exact answer to apply at your house.

Some characteristic of the floral theme is leaves with a variety of different shapes. Where the black wall coating with painting tropical theme then it makes an alive and realistic painting.

Winter Wall Painting Winter Theme

wall painting

The tropical painting looks fresh with the green leaves, it is different from winter theme painting. If you wanted a romance sense also clean color and elegance.

Why? Painting wall with winter theme usual use the touch color of blue and white within gives cheer impression and harmony.

Wall Decoration with Full Color

wall painting

Love the crowd full of color situation? Wall painting with this full color can make. You can apply mural full color to your wall.

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