Have you ever found a beautiful illustration work? Indeed, the work of reliable illustrator always anesthetize and make many people amazed. Begin from simple illustration into complicated illustration, all of those illustrations showing the side of aesthetic itself.

Everyone can draw but not everyone can produce a pretty good artwork and it means in every picture the side of aesthetic must show and not everyone can give that.

Unrealized everyone has been drawing since a kid even the study methods it starts by drawing, it is because drawing is really fun and usually it starts withdrawing an animal in general and that is a duck.

Mostly drawing it starts from an interest and hobby to express by a picture or just enough to fill the free time.

Who knows a hobby or a fun thing can make someone become a great illustrator. Even the ideas are created in the free time so as the illustration can be different and fresher.

To become a great illustrator it needs a process to learn. An illustration could create by simple things but not all result will be good at all.

For you that has interest with design, start to learn from now and there are now words “Too late to learn” for those who still want to attempt.

Now you don’t need to go to art school or pay a personal teacher to teach you to draw an illustration.  There is a lot of free stuff on the internet that you can learn for drawing, the easiest thing, cheap, and fast is one and only by internet.

Tips and Trick

Here is tips and trick tutorial on how to make an illustration in general.

1. Decide the Theme

Starts with which theme that you want to draw and it can be the beginning of a good illustration of your illustration.

2. Make the Sketch

tutorial drawing

Well-prepared the stationary that usually starts only with pencil, ruler, and eraser. In the making sketch for a beginner, there is a lot of things that can references.

For example, follows other picture or begin draws with analphabets and numbers that will be showing a similar result with animals.

Opening sketch usually uses slight scratches in addition to easy to erase and not scarred, causing to avoid dirty stains that will crash the sketch.

3. Straighten and Filling the Sketch

After drawing a sketch that definitely needs support pictures or other parts to make the sketch more into animal illustration. It usually does straighten in few lines.

4. Coloring or Finishing

In this part the illustration ready to coloring with animal color in reality. After that few parts or animal body sometimes have different colors, either in the thickness of color or using a different color.

5. Start Draw with breaks line and Light Sketch

If you starting to draw its suggestion for using with breaks line because breaks line would make the shape more easier to fill with color, for example, a circle unnecessary needs arc or compass you can make the shape of a circle that almost perfect so does with a straight line.

Besides that using slightly sketch is able to make your sketch easy to erase.

6. Draw with Using Numbers and Alphabets as References

A lot of number as references for makes animal as such as number 29 could make a duck, bird with number 4, chicken, fish, and others.

7. Draw from another Picture as Reference

Drawing with peeking from other picture from the internet is still in use, besides could directly look which is not the same it is easier for everyone to draws without needs to be pro illustrator.

8. Draw with Your Own Style

Drawing is one of the activities for self-expression. It looks in every picture of someone’s that has its own aesthetic or characteristic of the illustration. Even for the beginner nothing wrong if you have your own way in every illustration that you makes.

9. Ask Feedbacks from Anyone

In an illustration, of course, we must show to everyone so it can be seen and enjoyed by everyone who sees it. In this thing too one of parts of self-introspection for the better creation.

Besides that, feedback is the important thing, in addition, your illustration can be better and more directly. Not have to about illustration judgment it can be the phase various tips and tricks to draw.

10. Patience and Keep Practice

You have to ask what people thoughts and hear about critics and suggestion from people around you. Not only that you have to relieve with people opinions that would have to hurt you.

However, make it all as motivation for more often practice to be better.

Tutorial Draw Animal Illustration

In reality, drawing illustration it is not as easy as it seems but don’t worry there is a lot of tutorials drawing an animal that easy to apply.

For you as the beginner here is few tutorials from few references in drawing an animal illustration

Draw Elephant Illustration

tutorial drawing

  1. Draw a circle and the large oval circle attached to the circle.
  2. Images of elephant ivory use curved lines and ears using a wide-angled C shape.
  3. Draw the legs using a set of parallel lines.
  4. Add eyes using small circles and eyebrows using small strokes. Add large protruding teeth using a curved line and sketch some graffiti on the top of the elephant trunk.
  5. Draw all heads and ears using shapes.
  6. Sketch body and limbs of the previously drawn outline.
  7. Add the tail using two curved lines and a little hair at the tail end. Draw elephant nails using curved lines
  8. Remove unnecessary lines.
  9. Color your images to make them look more attractive.

tutorial drawing

Animal Illustration of Turtle

tutorial illustration

  1. Make a circle first.
  2. Remove the bottom arch of the circle, then add a smaller circle.
  3. Draw a line between the small circle and the big circle.
  4. Draw lines in both lines that have become connecting
  5. Draw an eye on a small circle to form a head
  6. Scratch the curve of the line so it looks like a smile
  7. Create an oval circle for the turtle’s foot
  8. Add again on the legs that have been made
  9. Just like the left foot make a small oval circle
  10. Add the arch to make the turtle’s foot perfect
  11. In the big circle create an accent like the skin of a tortoiseshell with a circle shape.

Illustration of the Lion

tutorial illustration

  1. Draw a small circle for the lion’s head. The image is also a rectangular shape with smooth corners for the body.
  2. Eye image with a small circle. Draw his nose by drawing a trapezoid that is connected to the circle. Then draw the tail with a curved line.
  3. Draw a part of his body – all four legs with rectangular or rectangular shape with smooth angles.
  4. Draw the details of his legs with small circles and rectangles connected at the edges.
  5. Draw the details of the face and tail of the lion.
  6. Refine the image using a curved line to resemble an original lion.
  7. Bold lines with pen and remove unnecessary sketches
  8. Color it according to the picture.

tutorial drawing

tutorial drawing

How to Make Dolphin Illustration

tutorial drawing

  1. Make a curve as shown in Figures 1 and 3
  2. Then, at the end of the arch make a little elongated and form the mouth of the dolphins
  3. Create a similar arch to make the body of the dolphins, by adjusting the previous arch
  4. Make a dolphin fin on the right and left,
  5. Form the eyes of a dolphin
  6. Make a dolphin tail.

Animal Illustration Duck

tutorial drawing

  1. Draw a small circle for his head and a large oval underneath his body.
  2. Connect head to body by using a curved streak. Draw its tail with a slash that forms a pointed angle.
  3. Add the beak by using a straight line and foot with a stick. Draw a triangle to his feet.
  4. Add a circular shape to his eyes and correct the detail of his beak.
  5. The image of the head and neck is based on the edge of the line.
  6. Draw a duck’s body and feet.
  7. The picture of his foot. The duck’s fingers are webbed, note these details in your drawing.
  8. Remove unnecessary lines.
  9. Color the picture.

tutorial drawing

tutorial drawing

Tips on Making Cattle Animal Illustrations

tutorial drawing

  1. Make a line sketch to make the body. Draw a perpendicular rectangle, then make two transverse lines that divide the middle of his face. After that, draw two large ovals, then make two curved lines connecting the two ovals to make the body.
  2. Add a small oval as the front leg frame and a larger oval for the hind legs.
  3. Add the legs, do not forget to describe the part of the joints with small circles. Draw a tail on the back of a cow.
  4. Enhance the details of his face by adding eyes, nose, and mouth.
  5. Using the auxiliary lines you’ve already created, strip the line you want to shape the cow’s body. Add part of the nipple.
  6. Perfect the lines that make up the legs and the tail.
  7. Remove the unnecessary lines and add light shadows over the body of the cow.
  8. Color the picture of the cow.

Animal Illustration Tutorials Rabbits

tutorial drawing

  1. Make two intersecting circles. Add a large oval circle on one side.
  2. Draw a curved line on the left side of the upper circle to draw a rabbit’s nose. Add curved lines to the rabbit’s face to help determine the position of the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  3. Add an almond-shaped image to the rabbit’s head to shape the ears. Image of the front foot by making a vertical curved line, larger hind legs can be drawn using circles and oval circles as a guide. Create a semi-circle image at the back to make a rabbit’s tail.
  4. Add eyes and mustache. The rabbit’s face and ears can be made to look hairy by making very short sloping lines
  5. Create the same “feather” effect on the outline of the rabbit’s body image.
  6. Color the picture.

tutorial drawing

Cartoon Cat Image

tutorial drawing

  1. Draw a sketch of a cat’s head and body. Use the circle to create the head. Add a vertical and horizontal cross line in the middle of the head. Add a large, oval-shaped circle to the cat’s body.
  2. Make eyes using two small circles, sketch your nose and mouth. Add two half-shaped images of almond fruit protruding on each side of the head.
  3. Draw a sketch of cat’s limbs. For the hind legs Cats you can make a circle shape.
  4. Draw its tail, make it in a long, curved shape.
  5. Darken his eyes and add a mustache. You can also add a neck strap.
  6. Make a sketch of her body, add a few details to give a hairy effect.
  7. Paint the cat picture and finish it.

tutorial drawing

tutorial drawing

How to Make Animal Illustration Image Dog

tutorial drawing

  1. Large circle images for heads and rectangular curved rectangles that are smaller and sloping for the body.
  2. Draw a sketch for your nose and mouth.
  3. Add face, nose, ears, small horns, eyes and mouth. You can also experiment on cartoon expressions and emotions.
  4. Make sketches for feet and tails.
  5. Draw a dog’s basic shape. You can make it look normal hairy, or fluffy as you want it to be.
  6. Complete the image by adding details like shadows and feather lines.
  7. Paint images.

tutorial drawing

tutorial drawing

Animal Pigeon Illustration

tutorial drawing

  1. Make a picture of a flag with a pointy curved tip as a bird’s body pattern.
  2. Overlap the pattern with a crescent-shaped image for the wing.
  3. Give detail to the edge of the wing and tail by adding curved hairs.
  4. Make curved details on the head that has been made before, wings, and tail.
  5. Remove unnecessary pointer lines.
  6. Put white and add an eye to the pigeon image.
  7. Add green olive leaves to the beak of birds as a symbol of peacemaker.

tutorial drawing

tutorial drawing

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