Painting that is made on canvas, wall, or other surfaces is common, but these artists are more interested in creating art on a leaf. These artists are Kristi Botvokeli (Nancy Woland) and Beka Zaridge. They are artists who create magical arts on their own.

Other than having love for arts, this pair also has love for nature. When autumn comes, they always take a walk in a park. One day, when they were taking a walk, Kristi Botvokeli, or Nancy, took a falling leaf and showed it to Beka.

Painting on Leaf

After seeing that, they thought about it, and finally, they decided what they should do with the falling leaves. They decided to use the leaves as canvas for them to paint. With these leaves, they had succeeded in creating a amazing new arts.

Many people were wondering why they chose to paint on leaves, but they always answered that it was because of love.

Here are the examples of their amazing arts.

1. Deer Painting on Leaf

Deer Painting on Leaf

2. Cats Painting on Leaf

Cats Painting on Leaf

3. Winter

Winter Painting on Leaf

4. Blue Painting on Leaf

Blue Painting on Leaf

5. Mountain

Mountain Painting on Leaf

6. Cherry Blossoms on Leaf

Cherry Blossoms Painting on Leaf

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