20. Mural in Office

Mural in Office

This mural with orange colour is a mural that is suitable to be applied in office or one of the rooms in office. The orange colour which is used here can give off an interesting impression. Orange colour is even believed to be able to stimulate emotion, making this colour suitable to be used for mural to improve the creativity in working environment. This colour can also give comfortable, optimism, cheerfulness, and warmth feeling.

21. Mural in Creative Room

Mural in Office Creative Room

Every company which is working in creative field usually has a good interior design. There is even a room made specially for people to search for idea, such as the creativity room in the picture above. With good decoration and furniture, a comfortable working environment will be created. For you who have creative room, you cac try applying mural to create a beautiful and comfortable room.

22. Black and White Mural with Some Accents

Black and White Mural in Office with Some Accents

The next mural idea is a black and white mural with some colour accents. There is also a quote in black colour and different font, making every word look stand out. To make it more beautiful, bright colours are used as additional accents, such as red, yellow, and green, to make this mural look more interesting and alive.

23. Whale Mural

Whale Mural in Office

Other than typography mural which is commonly used in office, this mural with the picture of whale in cartoon style is quite interesting to be applied in office. With the use of blue and orange colour, we can relax our eyes and get rid of the fatigue we get from working.

24. Mural with Animals Concept

Mural in Office with Animals Concept

Other than the previous mural with underwater theme, another mural that is quite interesting to decorate your room is a mural with animals concept, in which the animals are arranged in such a unique and cool way.

25. Mural in Facebook Office

Mural in Office Facebook

The next mural idea for office is located in facebook office. The mural with a design of people who are doing their own activities look quite unique. This mural uses orange colour, which can stimulate emotion, and blue colour, which can improve concentration, making it perfect to be applied in office.

If you have small room, the use of blue colour can give off a wide, stable, refreshing, and cool feeling in the room

26. Mural of the Process of Making Clothes in Sale Stock Office

Mural in Office About the Process of Making Clothes in Sale Stock Office 

For you who have business in fashion field, one of the murals in Sale Stock office can be a reference to decorate your wall. This mural shows us about the process of making clothes, which not only looks cool and unique, but also represents your business.

27. Mural in Fashion Office

Fashion Mural in Office

Other than mural about the process of making clothes, this mural in the picture above can also be a good choice to make your room look cool and modern. In this mural, there are some tools that are usually used by fashion designer, such as measuring tool, scissor, thread, and also clothes, which are all representing the life of fashion designers.

28. Mural in Sale Stock Office

Mural in Office Sale Stock

Sale Stock office, which is a company that works in e-commerce field, especially fashion, has another cool mural which can be a good reference to be applied in your office. The murals that are in Sale Stock office are the works of iMural, a mural service company in Jakarta.


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