In the past, mural can be seen on road. However, now this kind of art is often seen in many places, such as in house, café, restaurant, mall, even in office.

Not only that, now mural is often used as a media to support business, such as mural in office, café, restaurant, apartment, hotel, and many more.

As the trend of selfie is growing, taking photos here and there, some business owners are forced to design their business place as interesting as possible. One of the ways to design it is through the application of mural.

Still about mural, this time iMural will tell you about mural in office. As have been mentioned above, nowadays mural is used in many places, and one of them is in office.

The number of people who use mural in their working room or even in every room in their offices is not small either.

Why Mural in Office?

With the application of mural in office, the fatigue that you get while working will decrease.

Mural can be used as a media to relax your mind. It can also be used as a source of inspiration, idea, of new innovation.

If you work in a creative company, usually the office will be designed nicely and comfortably.

Ideas for Mural in Office

For you who want to apply a mural in your office but is confused about the design, this time iMural will share many mural ideas in office, so that your office will be cooler.

1. Mural in Facebook Office

This mural is a mural in one of the rooms in Facebook office that is located in California.

Mural in Office 1

2. Melbourne Office

For you who want to make the atmosphere in your office more fun, you can apply a mural like in this Melbourne Office. The design looks more crowded and fun.

Mural in Office 2

3. Mural for a Meeting Room in Office

This quote mural is perfect to be applied in your meeting room. With the inspirational quotes, it will be easier for the workers to get idea.

Mural in Office 3

4. Mural in Nokia Office

One of the white walls in Nokia Office looks really cool when a graffiti of Nokia logo, which is in blue colour, is applied there. This graffiti is a work of a professional graffiti artist, Darren Ser Cullen.

Mural in Office 4

5. Mural in Twitter Office

Who does not know twitter, a social media that has a quite many user after Facebook. One of the walls in this office is decorated with vinyl sticker, which surely can make the room cooler.

This vinyl sticker is a work of Tahgasa Bertram, a talented illustrator. Bertram has created some wall murals that are quite inspirational. One of them is the mural in the office of this media social brand.

Mural in Office 5

6. Mural di Kantor Hootsuite

Inspired by an accidental meeting with an owl that has big horn in Vancouver Stanley Park, the married couple Steve and Sandy Pell finishes this mural in only two and a half days.

This mural is created in one of the new meeting rooms in Hootsuite office. The key in making this mural is the owl with gold eyes that they encountered in Stanley Park.

Mural in Office 6

7. Mural in BIC Office

Inspired by the long and varied history of company, this mural is created with the design of a visual schedule, focusing on successful product launching and other important dates in this company.

Now, this modern and colourful mural is decorating the wall of BIC Office.

Mural in Office 7

8. Mural in Facebook Seattle Office

Don and Ryan Clark, the artists that are responsible in making the people in Facebook Seattle Office to think in a more creative and imaginative way, full of spirit, and out-of-this-world, through their mural.

The created mural is using the concept of the culture and atmosphere in Facebook, such as “Make the World More Connceted” and “Hacker”.

From these keywords, this amazing mural is created.

Mural in Office 8

9. Mural in Leo Burnett Office

This is a type of mural in office that can make the people who see it mesmerized. Singapore designer, Ministry of Design, has made the interior of this office in such a charming way through their mural.

This mural is created for Leo Burnett Advertising Agency, in which this mural is showing the picture of the founder of the company, which is painted all over the wall with holding a big size of pencil.

Mural in Office 9

10. Digital Gurus

Digital Gurus is a company based in London, which is specialized in mural art. It has an amazing client list, including the people from google.

This mural is one of the examples of how they use their skills and creativity to make the atmosphere in their office looks modern and fresh.

Mural in Office 10

11. TMRC

The freelance graphic designer, Sarah Sculley uses her graffiti and stencil skills to decorate the wall in one of the offices of TMRC.

With her graffiti and stencil work, the atmosphere in TMRC Office looks cooler and nicer.

Mural in Office 11

12. Google

Google has called many talented and creative designer to change the atmosphere in their office more alive.

Kate Moross is one of the artists that is successful in making the Google Office in New York look more cheerful with her mural.

This mural is created according to the visual characteristic of Google itself, combined with the colour of the search engine icon to create a fresh and interesting mural for Google Office in New York.

Mural in Office 12

13. Sumo Digital

Doodle enthusiast, Geo Law, is requested to make a mural in Sumo Digital, an indie game development studio office. With a combination of simple colours and a composition of complex lines, this amazing mural can give off a fresh vibe in the office.

Mural in Office 13

14. Jess3

The mural from Andy J. Miller is really inspiring for every folkloric illustration and narration lovers. This mural is one of the examples of his beautiful and unique work in creative agency office, JESS3, located in Washington DC.

He covers the wall fully with thick colours, and a painting concept that takes the theme of collaboration of history.

Mural in Office 14

15. Neos Creative

Design Agency Neos Creative wants an inspirational and unique mural for its new office branch in West London.

They assign Soulful Creative, a group of talented and experienced graffiti artists and illustrators to make this funky art work.

Mural in Office 15

16. Carat

Norwegian illustrator, graphic designer, and art director Remi Juliebo, creates this beautiful typography design for the wall in Advertising Agency Carat, located in Oslo.

Mural in Office 16

17. Digibrand

Designed by Gatis Kurzemnieks for Digibrand office in Latvia, this mural is stretches across the office walls. Offering an imaginative narrative and centred on bold elements and the use of colours, this illustration then continues to the glass wall. The atmosphere in this Digibrand office has become more interesting and cool.

Mural in Office 17

18. Warner Music

Talented designer from Australia, Georgia Hill, is asked by Warner Music to create a mural for their office wall. The simple, retro design portrays the values and visual aesthetic of the Warner Music tradition.

Mural in Office 18

19. Sale Stock Indonesia

Sale Stock Indonesia is one of the e-commerce businesses that is quite famous in Indonesia. Some of their offices in Jakarta is decorated in such a way, so that the workers may feel comfortable. Some of the rooms in Sale Stock office is filled with unique and cool mural. Sale Stock Indonesia uses professional art painting service in Jakarta, iMural, to make every mural in the office.

Mural in Office 19

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