After we have been discussing mural illustration with fun and cute concept in Banainai, now we go to one of illustration within a mural project for one of China restaurant which Emperor Place.

Emperor Place is one of China restaurant located in Jl. Mangga Besar, RT. 06/RW. 02, Kota Tua, Tangki, Tamansari, West Jakarta, DKI Jakarta.

The process of illustration design for a mural at Emperor Place by some steps that quite long. Because it happened revision from the beginning of making to the end.

If you curious with the final result in a mural, you can see here.

The Process of Mural Emperor Place Illustration

One of the designs that used a lot for decorating of walls China restaurant is few characters with various accessories Traditional of China.

This thing purposing for lift up China situation that really popular so not only eat China food but also it supports the suit situation from the restaurant itself.

Even though it’s the same about China restaurant, of course, every owner has different tastes and concepts.

Then how’s the process of illustration in Emperor Place project?

Here are few steps of the illustration process start with the first step to the last step.

Mural Emperor Place Illustration Step One

emperor place illustration

In the process of the mural not always easy, like in the Emperor Place China restaurant project. In the process, there is a revision process from the client.

This revision is the suit process between the idea with the IMURAL concept to what a client needs and wish.

It begins illustrator IMURAL team have made picture design which epic, showing a beautiful woman wearing kimono of Japan that coloring in red complete with the accessories, hair accessories and fan.

With a grey background and trees coloring in white makes the picture looking crowd. The cherry blossom color is same as the Kimono dress. The mural that displaying is giving feminism impression.

But because there is revision so IMURAL team trying to make new things and better of course.

Illustration Revision 1

emperor place illustration

After getting through the revision part, The IMURAL comeback giving the mural design. As you can see the design step 1 with the revision has much difference, besides from the character different appearance to the background itself.

This mural concept is a pretty woman wearing a crown which symbolize a queen. Gorgeous queen but has another side where she is surrounded by snakes on her body describing her “I’m the control” impression.

Either for the background still using cherry blossom flower accessories and the grey color at the background didn’t get to revision.

As the difference with the previous design this picture eliminating the trees ornament. That is why the grey background makes the character is like the center attention of the design.

Not too forget China alphabets following to complete this elegant mural design. Kanji becoming the symbol for describing that this is a China restaurant.

This mural concept as wishing from the client, so we go to the last step to makes this mural cooler.

The Last Step of Mural Emperor Place Design

emperor place illustration

On the last step the making of mural Emperor Place design it is only adding color at the background with slight monochrome color that giving more attractive impression.

From the mural itself the impression that highlight is more about the elegance and charming, the Emperor Place wanting the restaurant creates more charm impression rather that the feminism side.

Based on the making of mural is not “Carelessly” means it takes time and process for makes a mural. Because make a creation not only show the esthetic value only but a message and impression that wants to be deliver for everyone who sees it.

Also the IMURAL team always trying with full efforts of giving the best that they have could for makes the customer happy and satisfied. Start from the design giving, the process of adaptation concept, till at the end execute a project.

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