Eat & Eat is a food court that has a really unique concept. If you eat there, you will feel as if you are in a marketplace, because Eat & Eat is indeed designed to specially serve street food. It serves local and international food. Besides the complete menu, Eat & Eat also has a good and cool place. One of the branches is located in Bassura Mall, in which there is a mural which surely can make the place more comfortable.

Eat & Eat

The owner of the place serves various food, intending to introduce Indonesian street food to other countries.  Another purpose, is to become the platform for every local food to bring the food to higher level. In this place, local food can also compete with other food, if served uniquely in a cool place

Eat & Eat Bassura City 1

This food court has opened in many various places, starting from Jakarta, Bogor, Medan, and Bali. Now, it has even opened in many malls. One of the malls is Bassura City Mall. Here, you can embark on an adventure, tasting many local food from many regions, and you can also take photos with your friends with the unique mural background.

The murals applied in Eat & Eat Bassura Mall is designed very uniquely. You can see in the picture, that there is a weird, but unique creature.

eat & eat bassura city

Besides that, there are also other pictures, such as knife and meat with various shapes. The colour that is used in the mural tends to be darker, but still looks cool because of the suitable colour selection.

Try to come here and go on an adventure to taste various local food in Eat & Eat Bassura City, with your family, friends, siblings, or even lovers. Also, do not forget to take photos in the place, especially with the unique and cool mural background!

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