After four years running, of course the designers and artists in iMural already have many experiences in creating both mural and 3D trick art in various regions, and one of it is Bitung mural service.

Bitung mural service is a mural service project which has just been finished recently by iMural. In this Bitung mural service project, we have created a restaurant mural that is really different and has never existed before.

This restaurant mural is made with sailor theme, with several characters and an inspirational quote, which can not only create an interesting interior, but also motivate the people who see it.

Bitung Mural Service Project in Bitung-Pollen Restaurant

bitung mural service

Nowadays, the trend of using mural as interior decoration is indeed quite popular. Since the business competition around has become harder with each day passes by, every business owner has to fight with each other to gain the attention of people.

For that reason, interior decoration is really important, because most people will choose and be interested in a place with a nice decoration. One of the ways that is often used to decorate a place is wall mural.

Seeing that we can find mural so easily, especially in places like restaurant or cafe, it can be said that mural has become an important part in decorating a place.

One of the restaurants that has just applied a mural recently, is Pollen Restaurant located in Bitung, Indonesia. Pollen-Bitung has applied two sailor themed murals on two different walls.

Mural of a Lighthouse and a Boy Who is Consuming a Drink

bitung mural service

As can be seen in the picture above, Pollen-Bitung has applied a sailor themed mural with a quite big size, enough to cover one side of the room.

In the left part of the sailor themed mural, we can see a lighthouse illustration that we usually can see located near sea to help ships so that they will not hit the cliff or get stranded. This lighthouse is using red and white color, while we can see powerful looking waves in blue color.

To make the lighthouse look stand out, there is also green color added to surround the lighthouse, making it look mysterious.

Meanwhile, in the right part of the mural, we can see a figure of a child wearing sailor clothes, complete with the sailor hat, who is drinking something. Beside the child with sailor clothes, we can also see a black anchor with a rope, in which anchor is often associated with sailor and ship.

In order to create a more powerful impression of being in the middle of the sea, this mural also adds several small birds, the kind of birds that we can see flying above sea.

With this sailor themed mural, you can take a photo as if you are interacting with the objects in the mural. For example, you can pose as if you are pulling the anchor and in front of the lighthouse.

Not only can be used as interesting decoration and photo spot, this sailor themed mural can also surely bring a “fun” atmosphere to the room, making the visitors feel comfortable when they are inside the room.


Bitung Wall Painting Service, a Mural With Inspirational Quote

bitung mural service

Different from the previous sailor mural, although this mural uses the same theme, this sailor mural adds typography art as the part of the mural design.

As can we see in the photo above, there is a quote saying “A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor” in the middle of the mural, surrounded with green color, the same color as the green that surrounds the lighthouse in the previous mural.

The quote in this mural is to motivate and strengthen the people who come to the restaurant and see it. As what the quote is saying, that a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor, people need to face some challenges so that they can develop themselves and be successful. After all, a smooth and plain life without any challenges will not be able to train us to be successful.

To make the quote look more beautiful and interesting, some simple illustrations of bird silhouette, a boat, and ship’s steering wheel are also added in this mural.

Not only that, but beside the illustration of steering wheel, we can also see a man wearing sailor’s hat, with a tattoo on his arm, facing the quote.

This sailor mural is expected to be able to motivate the people who come to the restaurant so that they can do their activity even though they are maybe facing a big problem or difficult challenge.

Of course, not only to motivate the people who come and see the sailor mural, this mural is also epected to be able to bring a new  atmosphere to people who are seeking a good hangout place, so that they will feel comfortable being inside Pollen-Bitung Restaurant.


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