Anna Bucciarelli is a freelance illustrator, who is currently living and working in Toronto, Canada. She is a graduate of graphic design major in York university / Sheridan College, in 2003, MBA from University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management.

After graduating, she has succeeded in building a successful carrier in marketing communication while producing many freelance illustrations for both individual and corporation client.

Anna is talented in combining traditional art and digital element which is including various traditional medias such as ink and watercolour.

In producing illustrations, she is more focused in flower portraits. In her newest watercolour series, she draws 12 animals from Chinese Lunar Calendar.

In Chinese astrology, every year is signed with different animals. In her paintings, she uses bright colours and flower pattern to show the beauty of the 12 animals.

Here are some paintings of 12 animals of Chinese Lunar Calendar using watercolour, the works of Anna Bucciarelli:

1. Year of the charming and larger-than-life Dragon

Anna Bucciarelli Dragon Watercolour

2. Year of the faithful and trustworthy Dog

Anna Bucciarelli Dog Watercolour

3. Year of the loyal and intelligent Horse

Anna Bucciarelli Horse Watercolour

4. Year of the curious and confident Monkey

Anna Bucciarelli Monkey Watercolour

5. Year of the loyal leader Ox

Anna Bucciarelli Oz Watercolour

6. Year of the kind and generous Pig

Anna Bucciarelli Pig Watercolour

7. Year of the exotic and wise Snake

Anna Bucciarelli Snake Watercolour

8. Year of the rebellious but sensitive Tiger

Anna Bucciarelli Tiger Watercolour

9. Year of the gentle but strong Sheep

Anna Bucciarelli Sheep Watercolour

10. Year of the observant and hardworking Rooster

Anna Bucciarelli Chicken Watercolour

11. Year of the creative and generous Rat

Anna Bucciarelli Rat Watercolour

12. Year of the friendly Rabbit

Anna Bucciarelli Rabbit Watercolour


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