Joanna Lamminaho is an artist based in Finland, who is trying to preserve nature by creating many beautiful animal paintings, so that the people who see it will be inspired to preserve nature.

Art is one of her passions ever since she was little. She told everyone that she would become an artist when she grew up. Thanks to art, she was able to avoid many bad things happening around her. When she was little, this artist did not have many friends. In most of her time, she always felt lonely. To forget her loneliness, she spent most of her time drawing. She seldom went out and chose to spend hours to improve her drawing skill. Seeing this situation, Joanna’s parents gave her much money to make her go meet her friends and socialize. However, instead of doing that, she used the money to buy several new art tools from local shop.

In her life journey though, she gave up her dream to be an artist. She believed that she would never become an artist.

Many years passed by, but she had not produced interesting works, until at one point she decided to take the watercolour that she bought a few years ago and had never used.

She also found an idea. “Love at the first sight”, that was what she felt after she saw a watercolour art. Since then, she started painting like a crazy person, who could never stop painting. One time, she decided to share her works in social medias, especially Instagram. There, she found many supporters and her works were shared by many people in other social medias, and that made her feel amazing.

At first, Joanna Lumminaho was even afraid of calling herself “artist”, However, now, she can proudly say that she is an artist. Art has saved her, and now she feels really happy to be able to do what she liked the most and that her dream has come true.

This artist puts her heart and soul in her every work. Animals are really close to her, that is why most of her works are portraying animal. She also wants to show people, how beautiful are the animals and that they have rights to live in this world, just like us.

Through her paintings, she wants to tell their story, from sad to happy stories. Her paintings even create awareness from the animals that are almost go extinct.

Here are the appearance of Joanna Lamminaho’s works, that can inspire you to preserve animals and nature.

Animals Painting from Joanna Lamminaho

Animal Painting by Joanna Lamminaho 1

Animal Painting by Joanna Lamminaho 2

Animal Painting by Joanna Lamminaho 3

Animal Painting by Joanna Lamminaho 4

Animal Painting by Joanna Lamminaho 5

Animal Painting by Joanna Lamminaho 6

Animal Painting by Joanna Lamminaho 7

Animal Painting by Joanna Lamminaho 8

Animal Painting by Joanna Lamminaho 9

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