A 3D museum now has a lot of lovers. You can see more and more 3D museum in a variety city that become new unique tourist spots. Not just a 3D museum, various vacation places has been applying mural to their place so it can attractive for the visitor as a décor or photo booth.

Besides the private sector, now the government start to interesting in property field like this one. It is proven by there is more one 3D museum that owned by the government.

As an artist that pursuing the making of 3D trick art also IMURAl joined to the participant that owned by the government, Pertamina.

There are two locations that applying 3D mural in empty wall area but this time we are going to explain the process of illustration making in the mural 3D project in Palembang.

The Process of Illustration Mural 3D Pertamina Cirebon

3D museum pertamina

3D Museum that located in Palembang is an office that made as a 3D museum. Some of the walls decorating with 3D painting.

Next is few mural illustration designs that IMURAL team made in project 3d museum Pertamina Palembang.

Illustration of 3D Mural of Pertamina Palembang (Front) Option 1

3D museum pertamina

In the making of a mural, of course, some option already prepared by IMURAL to fit the needs, wishes, and concepts from a mural project.

Now illustration from 3D mural Pertamina in Palembang been established since January 2018. The existing three of 3D museums is one of the results of cooperation between PT Pertamina with IMURAL.

Different from other 3D museums, this museum describing how the work environment and the process work from Pertamina that not everyone can know or even see it.

Illustration of 3D Mural of Pertamina Palembang 2

3D museum pertamina

Welcoming visitors that come, that’s why we showing a concept that displays a route that leads to 3D Museum Pertamina Palembang.

Almost same like before as similar with the routes that lead to the museum and what makes its difference is the road that seems empty and there is no car.

At the end were chosen mural with the second option for filling walls 3D Museum Pertamina Palembang. With more spaces is expecting the visitors to have a spot to take a picture.

Mural Illustration 3D Pertamina Subsurface

At 3D Museum Pertamina Palembang is showing the too 3D painting on the wall with dinosaur concept that looks so real.

This mural 3D describing how the situation in previous centuries when dinosaurs still alive. Now you can enjoy the taking picture sensation with dinosaurs in 3D museum Pertamina Palembang.

A huge dinosaur with mouth wide-open that ready to eat you when you taking pictures in here, the background is a forest that adding more real impression from 3D mural dinosaur.

3D mural dinosaurs that look so realistic is worked by IMURAL team. Realistic impression causing by the lights effect and glossy that made by the illustrator.

Design of 3D Tank Mural Illustration at Pertamina Palembang

3d museum pertamina

As though has been explained before, some of the 3D pictures that applying here give a vision about the environment and work process in Pertamina.

So one of the mural designs that used in here is a 3D mural that showing a tank containing the results of both oil and gas separated drilling processed in the existing tank system.

What really interesting is how the tank looks real so, whoever that taking a picture in the area will illustrate that she or he is working in oil drilling property of Pertamina EP Asset 2.

Illustration of Octopus in Selfie Room 3D Museum Pertamina

3d museum pertamina

3D museum Pertamina Asset 2 also providing a spot to take a picture especially for that loves to take a selfie in the selfie room.

This selfie room provided a huge 3D mural octopus that really looks so real and captivates visitor from afar.

An octopus illustration in selfie room of 3D museum Pertamina it is really looks interesting. Red octopus with his long hands that stick on the floor to the wall and reaching out the steels for hanging on the wall.

The octopus trying to take the water in a drum for flushing his body, because an octopus cannot live more longer in the land if there is no water around his body. This picture looks so realistic and lighting within real effect that succees to make.

Travelling Block

3d museum pertamina

With the drilling place concept and adding the real effect that looks like proper drill place, this 3D trick art was made by IMURAL team.

So it’s makes travelling block place that stands above the drilling floor to moves the block up and down.

The real effect felt because the wall painting that showing scenery of the drilling area. There is a mountain also hills area also there is another drilling by the certain distance.

For adding realistic impression so its display a road and grass. Within earn a 3D mural, of course, the illustrator working together for creating a maximal result.

Rig Miniature

3D museum pertamina

A mural rig miniature made in one of wall corner in 3D Pertamina museum Palembang. A rig is an installation equipment for a drill to deep underground for earn water, oil, or earth gas or mineral deposit in the underground.

In this 3D wall, painting is showing a rig from long distance so from afar it just looks like a rig miniature. Not forget to display scenery area around drilling place, the sky looks clear with white clouds so does with the mountain that rounding the place.

“Few of these designs are made by IMURAL illustrator Reginald Manafe”

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