Approaching the end of the year, there are so many end of year events held to close the year and welcome the new year. To liven up the end of year event, you can try applying a new year mural or 3D trick art.

End of year event is held especially by companies, be it internal event or a public event. Of course, there are also many people who hold it in their house to have a party with friends and family on new year day.

New year celebration is closely related to fireworks and trumpet. In the middle of December, we can already see many people who sell fireworks and trumpet to be used on new year day.

The beautiful colors produced by fireworks and the lively sound of trumpet are indeed suitable for new year celebration.

However, even though we have already used fireworks and trumpet to celebrate new year, of course these end of year events will still feel boring and plain if there are no good decorations.

Especially for an end of year event, which acts as a sign that we are ready to welcome the new year, it will be better if there are good decorations that can bring comfortable atmosphere to the room, so that the guests will feel happy.

Because of that, here are several new year event decoration ideas with new year mural or 3D trick art. Not only it can be a decoration, but with this mural or 3D trick art, the guests can also take a photo with this new year mural. Surely, it can make the event feel more fun and lively.


New Year Mural with Beautiful Fireworks

new year mural 1

New Year Mural to Celebrate New Year

new year mural 2

3D Trick Art of Fireworks and a Window for New Year

new year mural 3

Mural of City Night View Filled with Fireworks

new year mural 4

Mural as End of Year Event Decoration

new year mural 5

Mural to Celebrate New Year

new year mural 6

New Year Mural of Night Sky Filled with Fireworks

new year mural 7

New Year Mural with the Greetings and Year

new year mural 8

3D Trick Art of Blue Fireworks Display on Ceiling

new year mural 9

Festive Fireworks Display Mural

new year mural 10

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