Are you currently searching for a way to attract people to come to your business place? There are indeed many ways to gain people’s attention, but you may want to consider decorating your place by adjusting it to a certain celebration or holiday, such as Christmas mural.

Entering December, usually almost every business place, such as restaurant and cafe, is busy preparing their place to welcome Christmas Day.

Decorations with Christmas theme, such as Christmas Tree or fake snow, can be easily found in December, be it inside a building or even on street. Not only that, but many Christmas attributes such as Santa Claus’ hat and costume are also wore by many people, especially the staffs of a store.

However, since there are so many business places that use the Christmas decorations and attributes that have been mentioned above, of course these things have become common.

Because of that, it will be good if we can add some additional decorations, such as Christmas mural and 3D trick art, to make our business place look unique and different from other places.

Why Christmas Mural?

As we have known already, the trend of using mural and 3D trick art as interior decoration is indeed quite popular. In the current time, we can find mural easily in a cafe, restaurant, or even an office.

By applying a mural, we do not need much space for decoration, since mural is a wall painting that is painted directly on a permanent surface like wall or floor.

With mural, we can also give a certain mood or atmosphere to the room, making the people inside the room will feel comfortable.

Of course, if we apply a realistic mural or 3D trick art and show a certain scene inside the mural, we will be able to give a unique experience that cannot be experienced in real world to the visitors.

Not only as a mere decoration, mural and 3D trick art can also be an interesting photo spot, that surely can attract people’s attention.

Because of that, mural and 3D trick art can be a good option if you want a unique, unusual decoration.

Decoration Ideas with Christmas Mural

For you who want to change the atmosphere in your house or business place to celebrate Christmas, here are several decoration ideas using 3D trick art and Christmas mural:

Christmas Mural of Winter Night View and Santa Claus

christmas mural 1

Winter and Snowman Trick Art

christmas mural 2

3D Trick Art of Christmas in a Hotel

christmas mural 3

Christmas Decoration with Santa Claus 3D Trick Art in a Mall

christmas mural 4

3D Christmas Wall Painting

christmas mural 5

3D Mural with Christmas Theme

christmas mural 6

Christmas Decoration with Christmas 3D Trick Art

christmas mural 7

Christmas Mural of Landscape City View in Christmas Eve

christmas mural 8

3D Trick Art for Christmas Celebration

christmas mural 9

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